Tuesday, October 06, 2020

NHS Fail Wail

I think that we can all agree that the UK's response to coronavirus has been somewhat lacking. In fact, many people asserted that our death rate was uniquely high, and now that our economy is uniquely devastated (although that is not entirely true), and many have pointed the finger at Boris. But the failings are, in fact, system failures — not to be laid at the feet of one man.

And this country does have a unique system — a system that has failed us again and again, and again. It is called "the NHS".

We were all locked down, originally, to protect this glorious and unique healthcare system — to flatten the curve: we were asked to sacrifice our freedoms and our businesses in order to protect a healthcare system that, in normal times, is supposed to save us (it does a shitty job of it, but that's pretty well known). But, actually, the NHS has fucked us comprehensively.

Let us examine the charges:
  1. the initial lockdown was supposed to flatten the curve so that the NHS could cope. And largely it did;
  2. the ludicrous death toll projections produced by Neil "fucking" Ferguson were produced by Imperial College London's School of Medicine (which might as well be part of the NHS);
  3. a great part of death toll was caused by pushing infected patients out to care homes so that they could cut vast swathes through the inhabitants — done for the NHS, and by the NHS;
  4. the agency whose entire raison d'etre was supposedly to plan for pandemics failed and was largely invisible — this was Public Health England (PHE), part of the NHS;
  5. the organisations whose job it was to procure and stockpile Personal Protective Equipment — PHE, and NHS Trusts — failed to do so;
  6. widespread testing was hampered by the decision to use only one or two public sector labs — a decision taken and enforced by PHE (part of the NHS);
  7. at the beginning of the pandemic, PHE (part of the NHS) also tried to prosecute or have otherwise silenced, adverts and products that advocated the wearing of masks;
  8. the utter failure that was the original Test and Trace App was procured, "built" and screwed up by NHS-X (yep — part of the NHS);
  9. the continued failure of widespread testing is down to that fuckwit Dido Harding and her bailiwick of NHS Test and Trace — which is, of course, part of the NHS;
  10. "saving" the NHS has meant that many, many routine tests and treatments are not being performed — another act by the NHS which will inevitably lead to the unnecessary death and suffering of tens of thousands of people;
  11. all of the above has, of course, led to the absolute devastation of our economy, which will lead to the unnecessary deaths of thousands more people.
So, if you want a healthcare system that doesn't fuck everything up and cause a metric fuck-ton of deaths during a global pandemic, you might not want a healthcare system like the NHS.

Which is why, of course, no other country ever has.

Clap that, you stupid bastards.


Sobers said...

Didn't you get the memo? Not one of the 1.5m people who 'work' for the NHS or any of the its satellite organisations bear a jot of responsibility for the work they are tasked with and paid handsomely to do.

No, all responsibility for everything in the NHS, from ordering the PPE, to planning for pandemics, to ensuring that some idiot doesn't use an Excel spreadsheet to collate healthcare statistics of vital national importance, to ensuring that the toilets are cleaned in Ward A in Hospital B and whether Dr Jones has enough paperclips for her patient notes lies entirely with the Minister for Health, and his or her boss, the Prime Minister (but only if they are Tories). No-one who works for the NHS bears any responsibility for anything they may do, or indeed anything they fail to do. Its all the fault of the Tories and their 'cuts'.

Anonymous said...


Dickie A said...

Age has softened your acrebic tongue and profanation. On the other hand, well said. I do miss your blog posts

Ed P said...

A quite restrained analysis!

NHS to me means, "Now Harm Someone".

And if I see another bloody dancing 'nurse' the TV might suffer a fracture (not that they'd care).

The Cowboy Online said...

You've long been on Ambush Predator's blog roll but the blog has, for a long time, been dormant. I don't know why but today I decided to click the non-updated link anyway and am happy to see you've been posting,

As for the NHS, who is going to protect us from it?

ASM said...

DK - To be fair, the NHS had nothing to with that ridiculous "Eat Out To Help Out," bullshit, that has pretty much caused this second wave to be as bad as it is in the first place. The Nightingale Hospital idea was a good idea that no-one comments upon, and yet would be the source of people screaming blue fucking murder if it had been suggested but not implemented.

Neil Ferguson's job in many ways was to scare the shit out of the general public because if he'd called it correctly or soft pedalled it, no-one would have listened or taken any of it seriously. PPE was a fuck up, but NHS procurement always is, and it's hopefully a perfectly good lesson to not be entirely reliant upon Chinese imports for that stuff. The only really disgusting part was the care-homes scandal, people warned that that policy would be a disaster and it dutifully was.

Yes, they are running round busking it, but it does prompt the question of home much of the criticism is just hindsight?

NHS Fail Wail

I think that we can all agree that the UK's response to coronavirus has been somewhat lacking. In fact, many people asserted that our de...