Thursday, November 28, 2019

Moonbat still loony

It's always delightful to dip into George Moonbat's nutty articles...
We cannot rely on market forces and corporate goodwill to defend us from catastrophe. We should vote for parties – in this case Green or Labour – that allow us to make collective decisions about our common interests, leading to democratic intervention. No one has the right to choose whether or not to destroy our lives.
You are quite right, George—no one does have that right. Including the fucking government.

So stop urging people to vote for people that absolutely do believe that they have "the right to choose whether or not to destroy our lives", you tit.*

* Yes, every political party believes that they have this right, it's true. There are no viable classical liberal options in this election, nor any that I have been able to vote in. But Labour and the Watermelons are the very worst of the lot.


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Navrajvir Singh said...


O mi god brexit kills expats lol

Surely this is yet another of the evils of Brexit ? British expatriates who move to Portugal could lose their tax free status under new pla...