Monday, November 11, 2019


Blog mascot Steve Baker discusses corruption in our voting system...
Most law-abiding citizens in the Wycombe constituency would be shocked if they knew the extent of corrupt election practices and voter fraud which happen each time there is an election.

I know of people who register to vote at different addresses in the town and then vote in the same election more than once in person and by postal vote.

I have heard accounts of candidates visiting electors’ homes and demanding postal votes are completed in front of them and then taken away.

I have testimony of one young woman’s unmarked postal vote being taken off her under duress by a relative and handed to a candidate.

There are instances of people impersonating others and voting at polling stations in their place.

It seems the price of a vote in some parts of Wycombe is £10, a free taxi ride or a free pizza. This simply cannot go on.
Agreed. Although I cannot resist a slightly flippant comment in respect of this...
I appreciate not everyone has a passport or driving licence and I agree with the Government’s proposal these electors should be able to obtain a free document proving their identity.
Oh? Like... Some sort of ID Card, perhaps...?


Bloke in North Dorset said...

I've never understood the argument against voter ID. 18-year-olds don't find it hard getting ID so they can drink without a problem.

Rich Tee said...

@Bloke in North Dorset
I think it is largely psychological. Voting in Britain has traditionally been done on trust, so requiring ID is basically an admittance that trust in society is breaking down.

Unknown said...

I understand that. Surrendering trust is seen as threatening but I would not fly with an airline that said "we trust no one is packing a bomb so we haven't checked anyone's bag". The world has changed. I always carry photo ID, it has never, ever limited my freedom.

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