Thursday, November 28, 2019

Moonbat still loony

It's always delightful to dip into George Moonbat's nutty articles...
We cannot rely on market forces and corporate goodwill to defend us from catastrophe. We should vote for parties – in this case Green or Labour – that allow us to make collective decisions about our common interests, leading to democratic intervention. No one has the right to choose whether or not to destroy our lives.
You are quite right, George—no one does have that right. Including the fucking government.

So stop urging people to vote for people that absolutely do believe that they have "the right to choose whether or not to destroy our lives", you tit.*

* Yes, every political party believes that they have this right, it's true. There are no viable classical liberal options in this election, nor any that I have been able to vote in. But Labour and the Watermelons are the very worst of the lot.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Own Jones telling...

Via Timmy, I see that Owen Jones keeps writing articles...
Why I am campaigning for Labour in this seismic election
Presumably it's because you're an evil Jew-hating Communist, Owen.

Apologies for the tautologies.

Monday, November 11, 2019


Blog mascot Steve Baker discusses corruption in our voting system...
Most law-abiding citizens in the Wycombe constituency would be shocked if they knew the extent of corrupt election practices and voter fraud which happen each time there is an election.

I know of people who register to vote at different addresses in the town and then vote in the same election more than once in person and by postal vote.

I have heard accounts of candidates visiting electors’ homes and demanding postal votes are completed in front of them and then taken away.

I have testimony of one young woman’s unmarked postal vote being taken off her under duress by a relative and handed to a candidate.

There are instances of people impersonating others and voting at polling stations in their place.

It seems the price of a vote in some parts of Wycombe is £10, a free taxi ride or a free pizza. This simply cannot go on.
Agreed. Although I cannot resist a slightly flippant comment in respect of this...
I appreciate not everyone has a passport or driving licence and I agree with the Government’s proposal these electors should be able to obtain a free document proving their identity.
Oh? Like... Some sort of ID Card, perhaps...?

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