Sunday, June 25, 2017


Your humble Devil apologises for his lack of posting: it has become increasingly difficult to actually put quill to vellum, as it were.

It's not purely that the political situation is rather uninspiring, it is also that I have become very much out of the habit of writing (about politics, at least). As such, every time that I fire up the blogging screen, I feel an incredible weariness.

I asked Pete to blog here because I thought that contemplating the actual mechanics of leaving the EU was important: I wanted to know, as much as anything. My reasons for voting Leave are actually very similar to Pete's, i.e. the rebooting of democracy and power structures in this country: however, he has a knowledge of the intricacies of the technical aspects that is beyond mine and I thought these worth setting down, here, for the record.

I shall try to post a little more frequently going forward. But, please, be warned that the reasons for eschewing this format haven't really gone away. My postings may be rare.

In the meantime, thanks to those of you that are still here...


Lord Blagger said...

SO the question, what's needed to change things?

Prime example, Labour promising to 'wipe out student debts'.

What they mean is add it to the state's debts, and force some poor bugger in Cornwall to fund Justin's 3 years on the lash.

Get the level of state debt out there, £420,000 each when you include off the book debts, and things change is my assessment.

Perhaps spoof final demands from HMRC with a personal breakdown to, say 5%, of the voters would cause enough of a fuss.

Simon Jester said...

Wonderful to see you again, DK.

No insult to Pete, but I read your blog for your content.

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