Monday, January 09, 2017

Brexit as identity politics?

Our very favourite Lefty ex-banker economist has had a revelation...
Are we Remainers making a simple mistake about Brexit?

What I mean is that we think of Brexit in consequentialist terms – its effects upon trade, productivity and growth. But many Brexiters instead regard Brexit as an intrinsic good, something desirable in itself in which consequences are of secondary importance.
Well... duh.

I believe that's the sort of phrase that the kids are using these days.

But yes, Chris, that is pretty much correct. Many of us who try to think about such things would prefer that Brexit has as little consequences as possible but, yes, we do view Brexit as a good thing in and of itself. We tend to believe that the European Union should not exist at all but, given that it does, the UK should not be part of it.

From my point of view, this is largely because I want to sack our shitty governments—rather than have the same shit carry on because, actually, our government has no real power to change anything. This is, I'll admit, a very high level view because I simply cannot be arsed to write a detailed response—other than the myriad of posts currently on this blog.

So, yes. Well done.

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Lord Blagger said...


First the number of low waged migrants far exceeds the number of high waged migrants.

The majority realised that there was a disconnect between what they were told, that migrants are net contributors [they aren't] and what they saw with their own eyes.

They see the consumption of state services. They work out that they are having to subsidise the economic migrants out of their pockets, being made poorer in the process.

In short they worked out that free movement and free at the point of use are incompatible.

They choose the NHS over the EU, because they had been told, and the EU confirmed it, that the UK couldn't charge EU migrants the full cost of services.

The consequences are positive, and from the evidence so far completely so

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