Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gove's legacy?

Michael Gove has, quite honourably, said that it was right for Theresa may to sack him as a minister...
"I had six years when I was a government minister. I had a chance to make a difference - I hope that I did."
The reforms that Michael Gove made in his time as Education Secretary will come to be seen as the most significant improvements to the British education system since the late 1800s—particularly in the introduction of Free Schools.

Gove made a difference—and his contribution should never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Dear Devil

So long as schools are controlled by government, they will always fail their customers - the pupils.

An interesting video on schooling:


Longrider said...

He was rather swimming against the tide, though. He paid a high price for his stance post referendum, though. History hasn't been kind to him. Shame.

The Captain said...

Gove was hated by all the teachers, and all the union mouthpieces. He can't be a bad man at all.

The core voters of Clegg's non entity party are (or maybe were) mostly teachers, so unfortunately Gove was sacrificed for the coalition. That was the real shame. He paid the price for standing for the leadership.

But schools have become like the NHS, full of line managers, resource managers, and the usual hangers on with over inflated state sector salaries and pensions. Education still needs to razed further further and rebuilt.

I would like to resurrect one of the comments oft seen in the old Kitchen, 'Governments don't do anything very well at all, ergo Governments should do as little as possible'. Least of all teach kids, and provide healthcare services.

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