Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mr Hollande can fuck right off, frankly

France's wildly successful President*, Mr Hollande has issued a stark warning that Britain must back and integrated EU or quit.

To quote Mr Hollande:
“There is no other way. It's a horrible path, but it's a logical path. Leave Europe, leave Schengen and leave democracy. Do you really want to participate in a common state? That's the question."
That's a really good point, you know? I hadn't realised that you could only be a democracy if you were in the EU. I'd thought that there were democracies outside of—and, indeed, before the formation of—the EU. Apparently this is not the case.

Of course, this neatly highlights one of the arguments that Remain have kept rather quiet about: the fact that remaining within the EU is not to maintain the status quo. The Eurozone, in particular, must have a central government, or it will fall apart—particularly economically and fiscally.

But to maintain, practically, the social and Welfare aspects of the EU, there requires further integration too, e.g. the proposed EU Tax Identification Numbers.

That nice Mr Cameron maintains that he has negotiated an opt out from all** of this malarkey but, frankly, I don't believe him—partly because he is a proven liar (especially on the topic of the EU). So the UK will have to look forward to more integration too.

Now, you may think that all of this is a good thing—and that's your prerogative. I, of course, think that you are completely fucking wrong***—and I will vote Leave, regardless of the scare stories—but at least we can have a proper debate the issue in an adult fashion.

*I may have deployed some sarcasm here.
**Or is it only some? I'm not clear. Because there's no documentation.
***The scary clown sums up my feelings on the matter rather well.


TheFatBigot said...

The most worrying thing about M. Hollande's case is that he considers the EU to be some form of democracy.

Read another way, he is saying that life within the EU is democratic and life outside the EU is devoid of democracy.

Whichever way you read it his fundamental premise is wrong. There are three elements of democracy about the current structure of the EU.

(i) We do get to vote for MEPs.
(ii) Our democratically elected government has members on the Council of Ministers and
(iii) Our democratically elected government nominates one EU Commissioner.

It's a piss-poor amount of democracy given that (i) MEPs have no substantive control over EU legislation, (ii) our voice in the Council of Ministers is one twenty-eighth and (iii) our Commissioner can do whatever he or she wants without having to justify their actions to any part of the UK electorate and without being removable by the UK electorate.

That might be a French definition of democracy but it is not mine.

Bill Sticker said...

"leave democracy"

The EU is a democracy? Who'd have thunk it? I thought it was a different kind of 'cracy', specifically a bureaucracy. No 'Demo' anywhere near. Unless you're the right part of the 'Demos', that is.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Quite so.


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