Saturday, March 21, 2015


One of my problems with the Thatcher governments is that they actually centralised a lot of local government. For someone who believes in localism, that is something of a problem.

However, when you see what local governments spend money on, that is entirely understandable.

As a very small example, let us take this pathetic story from the Daily Fail...
Staff at a council used payment cards to spend nearly £700,000 of public cash – including £170 on a pair of designer Ugg boots, £100 in a Ralph Lauren store in Barcelona and £44 in a tattoo parlour.
There just isn't any fucking excuse for this kind of spending.

Look, I work in a company and we have a company credit card: it is totally necessary because, these days, many services cannot be purchased without some kind of debit/credit card.

I can understand why some purchases might look weird to our shareholders. But I can justify every one of them (and I am a shareholder so I authorise most of them). Nevertheless, at our company, every single penny saved is worthwhile.

But this is not even about getting the best deal.

This is about what it is appropriate for state agencies to spend our fucking money on.

Let us be really fucking charitable and assume that the £44 spent in a tattoo parlour was for a "vulnerable" constituent who maintained that only permanent damage to their epidermis could allow them to feel accepted in their environment.

I am well aware that local councils feel obliged to pander to their customers (don't we all sometimes? After all, saying "no" to people is never nice).

But the correct answer is still, "fuck off".

And not just because the aresehole will probably sue the council, in a few years time, for the right to have said tattoo removed (at our expense).

No, the real reason to say "fuck off" is because even that £44 belongs to someone else.

Personally, I don't get tattoos: the idea of doing any kind of permanent damage to my body makes me feel slightly ill. But, again, that's not the fucking point.

A council, or a state, has the mandate to stop put a roof over people's head, and to prevent them from starving—and that's basically it.

So, many people will sit and say that £700,000 is not that much money. And, in the grand scheme of state spending, that's true.

But when councils hike taxes and, more gutlessly, campaign against central government funding cuts then this kind of shite needs to be highlighted.

Because that £44 was taken by force from some poor family somewhere in Bristol, and then spunked up the wall by some council employee who was unable to say "no".

This kind of petty fucking fraud needs to stop—and not because we need to "reduce the deficit". No, it needs to stop because these cunts are stealing your money, so that you can no longer afford things that you want.

And then they are taking that money, and then spending buying frivolous shite for people who have earned fuck all. Never forget—this is your money that they are spending.

So, what could you do with £700,000? And this sum was racked up on only one payment method, by only one council.

Not such a small amount now, is it...?

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