Monday, December 23, 2013

On the food bank hysteria

Media Personage: "Mr Average, you use a food bank. Correct?"

Mr Average: "That's right. I mean, why pay for food when you can get it for free?"

MP: "But why have you started to use one now? Is it because the evil Coalition have been deliberately starving you on ideological grounds?"

MrA: "Not really. It's just that I didn't realise that there were people giving away free food until I read about them in the paper on my way to work."

MP: "And there you have it: more and more people are using food banks because the evil Coalition—cruelly limiting a household's benefits to an equivalent pre-tax income of a mere £34,000—are starving them utterly to death. On purpose. Back to you in the studio, Tom."

Tom: "Er…"


Anonymous said...

About time you were fucking back.

I am convinced most food banks are like the fake charities a front for leftist ideologues proving that the non existent cuts are eeeevillll

Fuckers. Do stay - we need your invective to soothe our furrowed brows

Ian B said...

You know, just yesterday I was thinking about Devil's Kitchen, in particular I was thinking about referencing your "Negative and Positive Libertarianism" terminology, and thinking, it's a pity that DK isn't posting stuff like that any more.

Nice to see a new article!

bloke in spain said...

It does bring back memories of the Miners' Strike.
Can well remember asking an earnest North London, gravel drive socialist exactly how much contempt she had for the working classes.
"Well look at what you're sending them. Tins beans, tins spaghetti, bags rice, cheap biscuits... Do you eat this shit? If they're as short of money as you believe they are, what do you imagine they're eating? Tins beans. tins spaghetti, cheap biscuits... So you're sending them more of the same. Why don't you send them what you eat?"

Unknown said...

David Cameron has denied that benefit cuts are plunging people into poverty, saying they actually give people "hope".
Considering Cameron is supposed to be Educated how can you reverse an immoral act by calling it moral . Surely the man must engage his brain before opening his mouth in future .How can he condone Atos deaths ,Poverty .Homelessness ,Food Banks ,Re-allocation through Bedroom Tax ,Benefit Sanctions ,Liverpool Care Pathway and Privatisation of Vital Services and call them Hope .
The number of Suicides caused by these unnecessary so called Austerity Measures are mounting. Cameron is Persecuting the Poorest to appease his Money Masters by clearing the Deficit in favour of a Quality of Life ,this is indefensible .
When Materialism overrides a whole Social Structure to such a destructive state then it is time to either give up Politics and readdress one’s own values or at least tell the truth of why you engage in such Draconian Policies .

Anonymous said...

Fricken legenday. Good to see you still posting, Tightly Wound Ball of Hate.

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