Sunday, May 13, 2012

When the legislators decide what can be bought and sold...

... the first thing to be bought and sold will be the legislators.

A barn-storming post from Timmy on the subject of governments' (note the position of the apostrophe there*) closeness to media empires—and vice versa, of course.
What I am suggesting though is that those screaming about how awful it is that a private sector company should try to suck up to those with political power is, well, what the fuck did you expect?

Your permission to run a newspaper business is dependent upon those politicians. Your spectrum allocation is dependent upon those politicians. How much domestic shite you’ve got to pump out over that spectrum is dependent upon those politicians. Which sporting events you’re even allowed to bid for is determined by those politicians. Whether you’re allowed to buy out the other shareholders in a company you already have management control of is determined by those politicians. Can you give TV viewers a free newspaper? Politicians.

When the politicians have this sort of control over an industry then the people in that industry will inevitably suck up to the politicians. And it’s no good arguing that it just needs my tribe of good politicians in charge and all will be fine for inevitably the Coke party is going to be replaced at some point by the evil bastards of the Pepsi party.

If politicians have these powers then of fucking course those affected by the exercise of those powers will spend their time kissing the hairy arses of those with the powers. If government ran the lettuce industry then we’d have to lick Osborne’s ringhole to have iceberg instead of romaine for tea.

Why can’t people understand that the politicisation of the media industry is because it’s politicised?


* If you were educated through the state school system anytime in the last thirty years or so, ask someone who wasn't shafted by a bunch of Lefty ideologues to explain it to you.


tomsmith said...

*I'm not sure a private education is necessary to understand punctuation. You just need to be interested, as in any other field. Good post apart from that.

Ian Phillips said...

"If you were educated through the state school system anytime in the last thirty years or so," no need to be such a cunt about it.

Also: note the position of the comma there.

Woodsy42 said...

Wot are an apostrophie innit?

Ian R Thorpe said...

I like the American system that does not allow a foreigner to wholly own a mass media business even if the restriction is easily by - passed. The media are in a unique position to influence public opinion.

Other than that, free market rules I say. And certainly get the regulator out of the bidding process for television rights to sporting events.

Anonymous said...

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Översätt på nätet said...

Media is and have always been politicised, it is the essence of media.

Engelska svenska said...

How can somebody think that we can separate business and media?

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