Sunday, April 22, 2012

Farage and UKIP...

Looking and sounding credible. And Nigel is right: as I have said for many years, all of the things that people are concerned about involve the EU in one way or another. Whilst "the EU" per se might be low on the electoral agenda, the EU touches just about everything on that agenda.

If you want to change the way in which our country is governed, then you need to vote for people who want us to govern our own country.

Which means not only leaving the EU, but also sacking at least the top three grades of civil servant.

Whilst I have little time for politicians, I have even less time for the technocrats of Whitehall and Brussels—they are scum and they need to be removed before any kind of change is possible.

When the people rise up, the politicians will hang from the lamp-posts as a symbol: the hanging of the civil servants, technocrats and advisors will herald real change.


Anonymous said...

Don't beat about the bush DK, say what you mean.

Anonymous said...


Well said Infernal One.

Sackerson said...

UKIP still needs to get strength in depth - more balanced, articulate and savvy Farages.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

DK: "..., but also sacking at least the top three grades of civil servant."

As sound a policy as that in Iraq in 2003.

Best regards

Ian R Thorpe said...

Agreed. It's not just our budgets and taxes the Eurocrats want to control it's our thoughts and actions.

Federal greater Eurtope (including Turkey, Syria, Egypt and a dozen other basket case nations) is the only item on the agenda.

bamboo investment said...

And it also seems that when anyone is opposed to the Euro and unfettered immigration, they are depicted in the media as "dark forces" or "far right". Look at how the media demonized Marie Le Pen. She seems simply a French Patriot opposed to the Euro and determined to protect French culture, yet she is attacked by the media from every direction. Note though that almost 20pc of the French voted for her.

Nibor said...

Grade 3 ? Make it grade 5 . I speak as one who experienced their maladministration .

Also can we ;

1; Name civil servants who are authorising , advising or formulating policies

2; Not have any "confidential" (for that read secret ) advice given to ministers . All such advice , unless to do with police , security , foreign relations or commercial confidentiality , must be open and available to scrutiny and rectification.

Young Mr. Brown said...

"the hanging of the civil servants, technocrats and advisors will herald real change."

Reminds me of the line "Later, bureaucrats" in the Ron Paul Big Dog advert:

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