Monday, April 09, 2012

FakeCharities change again

Dear all,

When myself and the Filthy Smoker set up FakeCharities, we never imagined that the term would pass into web parlance so readily as it has.

However, in order to ensure that the information is correct, FakeCharities does require an awful lot of continuous work: it is not enough to say that x charity took y amount of government cash in z year—it needs to be done every year.

However, FakeCharities does have some mileage in it; as such, I am pretty much decided that the site will become a wiki—probably based on the MediaWiki software—and we will ask some of you to contribute much more.

As such, I am asking if the following would be willing to give a few hours a month to help us:
  1. Someone experience in WordPress/MediaWiki, to help transfer the information that we already have into a new system.

  2. A core bunch of people who will act as the editors for the wiki—checking a random selection of submissions, for instance, to verify them.

  3. A bunch of people who are willing to pick, say, three charities and to follow them each and every year; in "sponsoring" these charities, you will be responsible for ensuring that the latest accounts are checked and uploaded to the wiki.

Please do let me know. If no one volunteers, we shall continue to keep the current site up for as long as I can be bothered to pay for the domain and server—however, no updates will occur.

However, should you choose to be involved, I can promise a renewed interest from the think-tank and policy sector...




Katabasis said...

Count me in mate.

PJH said...

Having set up a MediaWiki site, I'm not sure (even after googling) how you can easily transfer the data from Wordpress into a viable wiki site.

How you're going to present the data is going to be an issue I think - e.g. I've tabulated a summary of ASH's accounts here - it doesn't look pretty; but there are extensions to do, e.g., pie charts which may help.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

I'll help if I can (usual caveats about basic disorganisation and limited IT abilities clearly apply...)

alejandro said...

politics and religion should not interfere with each other. just send free text messages at

Rich Tee said...

Having just been forced yet another blog post on the subject I feel a duty to sponsor a couple of them.

I would certainly help to edit a Wiki. Not what I prefer to spend my spare time doing but duty calls I suppose.

Lola said...

Something occured to me in the shower - no not that - what about registering as a charity and then appeal for funding from the Government? I mean, that's what every other charity and quango does - they are all basically lobbying organisations, lobbying for more money for themselves...

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