Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Twitter battle...

Your humble Devil has crossed swords with Richard Murphy on Twitter. I thought that my readers might be interested in the exchange...
Tell me, @richardjmurphy — you have since said that your tax avoidance was wrong. Have you since paid back the arrears that you "owe"…?

@devilskitchen Nonsense! I had HMRC come to my house and asked if I could pay additional rates - and they refused - because none are due

Quite right. Because tax avoidance is legal—tax evasion is illegal. But Richard advocates that avoidance should be illegal too.
@devilskitchen Let's put it another way - I walk my talk on tax compliance - so enough of your nonsense!

Really? I think not.
@RichardJMurphy So you do not seek to minimise your tax liability? And, despite advising others how to, you have not done so yourself? Ever?

@RichardJMurphy So, Richard, none of this is true?… And this isn't you?…

@devilskitchen I've explained that time & again & that I would not do in the same way again. So what? I can change my mind. That's maturity

@devilskitchen I'm sure I have never ever sought to minimise my tax bill - it's an absurd thing to do - and I'd never recommend it to anyone

So, Richard Murphy has never sought to minimise his tax bill? Your humble Devil and his readers know that this is a lie. Not just a dissemblance, but an outright lie.

Richard has sought to minimise his tax bill, by forming limited companies, paying low wages to avoid employers NICs, paying dividends in order to reduce income tax, etc. Murphy's assertion above is just not true. At all.

His argument at the time was that he had changed—he had come to realise that such arrangements were wrong. So, because I am a thoroughly nice chap, I decided to let him admit this. In 2010, Richard protested that he had changed since he was... Er, 27. About 20 years before Richard Murphy wrote this article in the Observer advising people how best to avoid tax...
@RichardJMurphy So, you are 53? In 2005, when you were 47, you were happy to take money to write an article advising people to minimise tax.

@RichardJMurphy You wrote that "I have come a long way since I was 27 – thankfully".… But not that far, eh, Richard?

@devilskitchen Since it appears you know the answers to all the questions you're raising - all provided by me - shall we stop wasting time?

@RichardJMurphy Well, why don't you stop wasting everyone's time by hypocritically condemning tax avoidance whilst profiting by it?

@RichardJMurphy That's a rhetorical question, by the way. I suggest that you stand for Parliament—you'd fit right in.

@RichardJMurphy You're fatally compromised—like your Union paymasters, milking us for over £113m per annum. Time for dinosaurs to retire.

I make that—along with the rest of the Murphy's Law archive—about 83,000 to 1 in my favour...


Lola said...

What. A. Plonker.

Longrider said...

He makes Neil Harding look positivily intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Dear Devil

Everyone has a duty to minimise his tax bill.


Sargon the Demented said...

Does that mean you twattered him?

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