Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ClimateGate 2

(N.B. It's me, the P-G)

So it's time for another UNFCCC junket waste of taxpayers money vast addition to CO2 emissions to fly in the bigwigs and their entourages conference so that means it's time for our friendly insider to release another batch of incriminating correspondence. Anthony Watts is now surmising that these are genuine.

For new readers, here's my handy summary of why the first batch was important. I still stand by every single word of it.

The hunt is now on for the snippet that crystallises the whole thing, the "Hide the decline" moment if you will. My favourite so far:

<1682> Wils:

[2007] What if climate change appears to be just mainly a multidecadal natural
fluctuation? They’ll kill us probably [...]

No Pressure, eh Wils.

As this is covered absolutely everywhere that matters, I shall not dwell on this further except to note the final line of the ghastly (and for good measure this time heavily implicated) Richard Black's news item reporting this new release:
A police investigation into the hack is still ongoing.
If only Richard. If only...


Katabasis said...

On Richard Black, he claims in that piece:

"A hacker entered a backup server at the university and downloaded a file containing administrative passwords,"

- When was this established? Does Richard have access to information that the rest of us don't....?

"The hunt is now on for the snippet that crystallises the whole thing"

My personal favourite so far is "for the cause"....

Michael Fowke said...

And the BBC still thinks there's something in this global warming stuff ...

Anonymous said...

It's not the BBC that counts mere propaganda it is the stance of the soon to be slaughtered ruling class that's holding this sack of shite up.

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