Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Trading in 2011

CityUnslicker has had a shocking trading year as, like me, he had large amounts of money in commodities—an area which has been absolutely hammered over the last year. Luckily, I deal in smaller sums than he does, and since I only started relatively recently, my stocks were higher to start with.

However, just to emphasise the downturn, here are some of my stats and stocks for you...

Obviously, I am massively down on the beginning of this year. On the other hand, I have been ramping up my investments in the last six months: as such, I am taking advantage of prices that I consider to be extraordinarily low.

As always, the Very British Dude is my trader: I should point out, given my current portfolio, that he only performs my trades—in my case, he does not offer any official advice and nor is he responsible for my decisions or stock choices. The Dude is, however, very prompt and responsive and I'd recommend his services.

In other news, the only shares that have consistently climbed are those I hold in the business that I work for: add those in and I massively in profit...!


Jackart said...

Thanks for the mention, Fingers crossed!


Rich Tee said...

I only deal in Exchange Traded Funds because I need to spread the risk. I've decided to move into high yield funds to try and beat inflation, probably in vain.

Anonymous said...

Did you learn nothing from the founding fathers? Physical gold and silver - smash the fiat ponzi and survive the coming onslaught in one go.

Super Sam said...

I learnt a long time ago the hard way to stay away from penny stocks and other very speculative shares.

@TM, I agree some ETF's are good & I too have been looking at high yield issues but not bought any yet - am still looking for a proper sellof before I buy.

JNK & HYG (USA), IUKD.L (UK) and IM2H ( iTRAXX Europe Crossover .. from here )

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