Sunday, October 02, 2011

Equality for some

A few weeks back, the LibDems stated that they would provide a compromise on plans to raise the pensionable age for women.
Changes in retirement rules will not unfairly penalise women in their fifties, Steve Webb, the pensions minister, said yesterday.

Mr Webb told the Liberal Democrat conference that he would compromise on changes in the retirement rules to equalise the pension age for men and women.

Campaigners say the proposals for a universal state pension age of 66 by 2020—six years earlier than was planned—mean many women face an unfairly sharp rise in their retirement age.

Currently, women can claim their state pension at 60, whilst men must wait until 65.

What possible justification—given the plethora of equality laws now in the workplace—can the government have for this situation still existing?

It's very simple: if women want to take their pension five years before men, they should get a reduced payout (since they have paid less in). Or the pension ages should be equalised now.

Oh, and before anyone starts up with "but, Devil, but you can't break contract law", please remember that there is no contract with the state—did you sign anything? No. Were you given a mandatory "cooling-off" period? No—which is why the bastard government can keep changing the tax rates.

If draconian equality laws is the way that we are going to go, I demand total equality of pension rights: raise the pension age for women right now, or pay them less.

We will then be one step closer to A Fair And Just Society*.

* A.K.A. "Utopia", "The Progressive's Dream", or "Hell".


Dick Puddlecote said...

The discrepancy is beginning to narrow. The retirement age for women born between 1950 and 1955 is now 60yrs and 8 months (IIRC), as a result of legislation pased in 1995 (IIRC again). Doesn't detract from your point though, admittedly. ;)

Clarissa said...

I always think that the irony of the whole business is that it was women themselves who, during WW2, campaigned to have their retirement age dropped from 65 to 60.

The original age, back when the whole thing started in 1908, was 70 for all. This was dropped to 65 in 1925.

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