Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Questions to which the answer is "NO"

NB: It's me, the P-G

Are the trade unions about to save Britain?

Bonus points for suggestions in the comments:
If one were the comment/features editor of the Torygraph, to what possible question (and in what parallel universe for that matter FFS) would the answer ever be "Mary Riddell"?


Alan Douglas said...

Who is your nomination for a vacuous left-wing loony disguised as a vacuous blond air-head spouting luke-warm platitudes causing untold numbers of readers to cease taking any newspaper she is associated with ?

Alan Douglas

(I did in fact give up my DT subscription becauase of her)

Michael Fowke said...

How ridiculous!

SimonF said...

You're wrong, the answer is yes, but not in the way she predicts.

The unions are going to regress to their late 70's style but this time they only consist of civil service members. The more they bluster about, and then start committing, strikes the more those working in the private sector will get pissed off.

Add to this the fact that they have Ed^2 by the balls and will start squeezing tightly and dictating Labour policy and with luck it will be the end of Labour for another generation. We could get really luck and have another suicide note masquerading as a manifesto at the next election.

Having said that, Cameron looks like someone who could quite easily kick himself in the balls and lose the next election.

Peter Carter-Fuck said...

At least Robert Webb had the common decency to leave the Telegraph when he read what the readers thought of his witterings, which, to be fair, were not nearly as brain dead as Maty Riddell's. She won't be walking away from a gig which pays a six figure sum until the last Telegraph reader has given up. Why the sinister twins employ her is one of the mysteries of the age.

Lola said...

Riddell is paid six figures!? Are these all to the left of the decimal point? And if so which witless nerk signs the ceques?

Anonymous said...

My theory is that Riddell attracts a lot of attention by annoying the readers. Always loads of comments criticising the bollocks she churns out. All attention is good attention, web traffic etc.

If she was ignored and there were no comments, she wouldn't last long.

Anonymous said...

And if so which witless nerk signs the ceques?

You do, if you buy the paper edition.

Richard said...

SimonF has it.

Once the public sector unions start striking seriously, people will get so pissed off that they'll accept far more radical reform.

Robin said...

Haven`t read her article

but save Britian from what ?

Now if you were a migrant worker who had replaced the previous non migrant union workers, and a union rep came round to persuade you to join , would you be curious about how he had protected the previous workers jobs, and if the union was value for money ?

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