Friday, September 16, 2011

A bit of a surprise, to be honest

I am very happy—given my relative lack of original output this year—to have appear at all in Total Politics 2011 Top Blogs lists.

Your humble Devil has been voted in at number 9 for both Libertarian Blog and Libertarian Blogger.

I have to confess that, in previous years, I bloody well expected to be pretty high. This year, however, I was anticipating not being in there at all and so, ironically, this is the first year that I am really happy to be featured.

As is traditional, I would like to extend a sincere "thank you" to everyone who voted for me and The Kitchen; and, as always, a bigger "thank you" to everyone who continues to read, write and comment here.

I shall endeavour to carry on entertaining you all...




Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Hey man, I nominate you every year & vote for you. ;)

JuliaM said...

Congratz! ;)

ManNotNumber said...

I voted for you but I only know 5 libertarian bloggers. There are plenty of authoritarian, hanging judges and warmongers on the full list.

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