Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Art of Suppression

The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800 by Christopher Snowdon.

Your humble Devil has received his gratis copy of Christopher Snowdon's new magnum opus, The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800.

In the last few years, Chris has become an essential authority on prohibition, Righteous campaigners and fake charities—mainly because he treats his subjects with a lightness of touch and sense of humour that those same authoritarian bastards do not allow us mere taxpayers. As such, I am proud to have provided the cover for the third of his publications...

A review will appear here fairly shortly but, in the meantime, I highly recommend wandering over to his place and ordering your copy...


mark patrick norris said...

Tony Blair On The Run

T.B is trying to make a mini Through hearts and minds as david cameron
heard through the grapevine as T.B cannot carry Ed Miliband if he wants
to survive skulls and bones florence and the wind machine humans are
long vehicle Ron as they hold pole.

Strait flip George Osborne said OZ CS Lewis who wants to hold that
gold in loo W.C

Italian Job 3

Michael Caine = Police Commissioner on Resolution 1941 to be given a
key roll

Go’s back in time to good night sweet hearts

Nicholas Lyndhurst = Gary Sparrow

Ron = Senior Minister



Gary === May say to Ron how did get through the voices I mean how did
you get through the gate..

Phoebe === May say don’t be silly gary he came through Pub and light
skin Door

Reg === May say the Gerrys blue the door off wind 2 make a shoulder 2
shoulder 2 sea

Michael Caine = Police Commissioner === May say cos your in and not a
lot of pressure then

Drinking in last orders

Bran van 3000

Michael Caine did nothing that day to the lobby in day in loo W.C

job creation for the good of the people that day in loo so we end


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breast of Tampax of up up up minster first past the bedpost kings MI6
wind zimbabwe gov internal leak viagra shouts D.C with land mark to
open debate as we pinwood as we have a dick chain on mercy mercy me
signed sealed delivered.

Now I’m back not a shape or crime in me on cross member said god to
white wash star chamber.

mopping up process
mark patrick norris

mark patrick norris said...

Calm down ear

it’s only a long commercial vehicle’s 45 ton iron curtain
going to put this to screen as we hold hour cc’s as we are the sea
shore that’s our seagulls.

Who wants to liar as we carry the on in witch we take hold of the war
as we drove cc’s (C. S. Lewis)

“Billy Ocean” private members bill

Red lion is switched on Robert Mugabe has had his fun played around
with out the ICC to tie him down till George Osborne (oz) kings mi6
need’s funding and we will stay until the flames have gone garden
power levers catch up with me

When the going gets tough when the dole gets stuff straight flip (oz)
as the 44 silver President spiritually stole from e.. When the gold
gets tough cos we have no more puddles in the house, and our dog has no
desire to play with UGO DOG

O Osborne can u re pub once more mountain can you govern me judge me as
I fly these cc’s
mark patrick norris

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