Monday, August 22, 2011

The man with the wind at his heels...

Following on from last night's post about the futility and vast expense of this government's Green initiatives, Bishop Hill points me to this Telegraph article spelling out just some of the higher power costs that we can expect.
Figures from Utilyx, the energy consultants and traders, forecast a 58pc rise in the cost of power by 2020, largely driven by the impending avalanche of green taxes due to come into force over the next 10 years.

The consultants estimate that 18pc of the current electricity price relates to climate change policies—or £15 per megawatt-hour out of a £82 per megawatt-hour average.

However, green taxes and new infrastructure costs will constitute 38pc of the charges, or £50 per megawatt-hour out of £130 per mega-watt hour, by 2020.

I really shouldn't have to point out—though I will—that if you make energy much more expensive, that increases the price of just about everything that we take for granted.

And if you thought that we were in recession now, just wait until these energy prices hit...


Mr Ecks said...

Civil disobedience

Bills paid en masse minus green theft


Anonymous said...

Tough on Etonians, tough on the causes of Etonians...
Wind farms are expensive, but are useful especially when linked to a grid. Not least they offer an alternative to the finite resources of gas, oil and coal (which we ain't got much of, Jeeves, unless we introduce more "demokratiya" to far away lands). The present political issue seems to be more to do with who has control of this wind resource - Toads in the city or toads in Westminster? And the technology issue is how to store the energy once it is captured. The future is energy storage, not energy capture, Jeeves. Incidentally, if you burn steam coal you derive max. 50% of its CV as electrical energy, the rest goes up the chimney. So for every 60 thou' ton of coal arriving at Immingham, some 30 thou' goes to waste. The comparative analysis of different fuel sources is difficult and not for hysterical commentators. The Germans are keen on green energy - Fine people with a longterm, multi-faceted energy strategy... perhaps they have done the maths..

Mr Ecks said...


You are full of crap.

Windfarms exist by thieving subsidies. Cash input gone, windfarm gone. Energy storage is more eco-bollocks.

Gas, coal,fission are the future--and shale gas exist in quantity and is widespread enough to need no more military adventures which have cost far more than any oil they may have pero-cured.

You are a solar powered troll--ie feeble.

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