Monday, August 22, 2011

In a right state (but not in the bar)

Via @DickPuddlecote, it's good to see bar owners in Michigan taking some decisive action.
In an act of solidarity, Michigan bar and restaurant owners have banned state lawmakers from their property.

Effective September 1, the group Private Property Rights in Michigan said in a release Monday that lawmakers will be persona non grata in over 500 Michigan licensed establishments, across the state.

PPRM said it believes, however, even more will take part.

The group says bar owners and workers have grown frustrated with the Ron Davis law; also known as the private property tobacco use ban. PPRM claims the ban has collectively cost the state an estimated $200 million dollars in lost revenue through losses in jobs, taxes, business closings and to the state lottery.

In Michigan, bar owners have said that despite there being a large number of lawmakers supporting them, that they, the owners, must provide a 'level playing field', and are forced to prohibit all lawmakers from their establishments.

Bars will be posting signs on their entrances, and providing workers photographs of lawmakers to identify them should they, the lawmakers, choose to ignore the ban. Owners have indicated they will have lawmakers charged with trespassing on private property under MCL Sec. 750.552. One Alpena bar owners said, "politicians will learn pretty quick that our bars are private property [if they choose to ignore the ban and enter]."

Good for them.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Expect some bizarre repositioning of property rights after posting that. You should see some of the shite already seen on FB in defence of a legislature who believe everyone else's property is fair game.

Private is apparently public now. And should you advocate passing the same kind of laws to dictate the property of someone who says such things, you're apparently mad.

Good grief.

JuliaM said...

Oooooh, if only this would happen here!

Of course, most of our lawmakers probably drink in subsidised HoC or council-property bars anyway... :/

Edam said...

i'm all for kicking politicians out of everywhere but this private property group are clearly a bunch of knobs. Passive smoking kills. Yes it should be banned from places of employment where people don't have a choice. I say this as a 30-a-day smoker.

It may be private property but does that mean public rights mean nothing? Can they ban black people? How about gays?

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be something new ??
I recall a similar campaign in the UK na couple bof years ago when posters appeared all over the place showing some bloke--Mandleson???--behind prison bars.

What was that all about? Anyone remember??

Devil's Kitchen said...


It was a campaign—supported by a poster created by your humble Devil—to encourage bar owners to Bar Darling, after the then Chancellor put up booze taxes again.

Whether any bar owner actually had cause to tell Darling to get out of their pub is unknown. I do hope so...


LOW said...

It is interesting how so many people understand that passive smoking kills. From reading the evidence and having a vague understanding of statistics, you would say there is a 'mild correlation' with 'statistically insignificance ' between passive smoking and cancer levels. Although the dietary and lifestyle differences between the average smoking household, with the average non-smoking household are far more important.

Probably still not bloody good for you anyway.

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