Monday, August 22, 2011

Identify the browser...

... a most amusing game sourced from The Art of Trolling.

Well, it made me giggle. And then, when I have to debug that bastard toilet again tomorrow, it will make me smile in between the bouts of incandescent rage...


Anonymous said...

So, I may have missed it but you were threatening to deliver a view on IE9. As I see it, it addresses everything you don't like about ancient versions of IE like IE6

Devil's Kitchen said...

I've yet to use IE9. But my colleagues inform me that—whilst better—it's still a looooooong way behind the other browsers.

Rounded corners—finally! Multiple backgrounds, opacity, box shadow, RGBA, @font-face and @media—yay!

HTML5 web forms support? No.

And no support for text shadow, gradients, animations, transitions or multiple columns.

Oh, and breaks older versions of JQuery UI. Fucking ace.

I'll review it once I've used it. But it'll be a while, since none of our customers are on anything higher than 8.


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