Monday, August 08, 2011

A call to arms

My old friend Carpsio calls it as it is, in a frankly poetic piece of writing...
No surprise then, that no Government in recent times has been able to command the support an actual majority of the population – instead trying to create the illusion of popular support through the media to cover that fact. Policy has been determined by business and pressure groups – and very often these people have been co-opted into the government as ‘tzars’ or as the heads of the quangocracy. You think that democracy supplanted the courts of the Kings and the aristocratic merry-go-round of yore? Well more fucking fool you.

The result? An endless melange of “policy” that has left us unarmed, undereducated, dispossessed, in chattels and bondage to both a criminal underclass and a wastrel, dilettante aristocracy. Your money is taken under threat of violence and incarceration and given to the violent and incarcerated. Your every move and every pound you spend is entered into the ledger and used against you to prove your unfitness to live your life the way that you see to be fit.

Language runs amok: criminals run riot in the streets, do as they please and are called ‘dispossessed’ and ‘victims’. Those who squander and steal from the public purse are ‘public servants’. Your liberty is taken in the name of freedom and the man who defends his property is sent away in chains. And even today, after everything, Parliamentarians will rise and address each other as “my honourable friend”.

London may burn today at the hands of the scum at whose feet the state has prostrated itself for 30 years, but it doesn’t end there.

The touchpaper is lit.

There are more of us than there are of them.

Read the whole thing.

In the meantime, the "riot map" continues to pin-point the really shitty bits of London...


Anonymous said...

the really shitty bits of London...

LOL islington (and oxford circus is pretty shitty too)

Twenty_Rothmans said...

I am just a middle-class, middle-aged man. My wife and I cannot afford children, even though I am supposedly in the top 5% of income earners. Our existence is modest, we take holidays in England in modest places. We have not had a week away together in five years. I save and save and save.

If I'm lucky, I get 1,1% on a Gordon-Brown-sodomised currency. I'd prefer not to write what I'd like to do to that bong-eyed, fat traitor in a family cunting squicking felching blog, because it might be offensive.

I also pay and pay and pay. My income tax bill is more than two salesgirls' salaries. If anything happens to my job, I'll need to go through my reasonable cash reserves until I am almost destitute before I see a penny back.

There are more of us than there are of them.
You are wrong. The underclass in Britain who fostered our new arrivals have been entrenched for generations. There will always be lazy, feckless people, and the greed motive makes man feckless when he can get away with it. Take your pick: work your arse off for the next forty years or kick back and have a beer?

And they breed like rabbits - unlike us. One man, one vote.

Why don't you have a word with your 'community leader' to organise a 'peaceful protest'? The next mealy-mouthed Quisling who uses this expression should get a piano lesson - if you get my drift.

The only reason it's called 'Operation Trident' is because Guy Gibson had first dibs on what they wanted to call it. I meant Operation Chastise, of course, what were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

I think Urquhart has the answer - shoot the cunts!


The Stigler said...

This country has fostered decades of individual irresponsibility. It's not Labour or Conservative, but a general attitude of contempt by the establishment to the people.

If those shop owners had shotguns, and the police applied Occam's Razor towards someone lying on the floor holding a flick knife, would these people be robbing shops?

If these people couldn't live on the dole but instead had to work to feed themselves (and keep a clean criminal record), would they rob?

If these people were sentenced much earlier, and if property crimes were treated as a serious violation with a serious sentence, would they rob?

No doubt we'll hear a whole lot of things about poverty (despite the fact that there's fucking loads of jobs in London if you travel 3 tube stops from Tottenham) or "social exclusion" (whatever the fuck that is). But no politician from either party is going to actually say "fuck me, I've woken up to the fact that all this community bollocks doesn't work" and start making some real changes. You'll probably see the robbers getting community sentences because Ken Clarke doesn't want to build more prisons.

JuliaM said...

Well, last night saw the death of the last small vestige of support for the police in the face of cutbacks to their numbers. As far as I can see, we may as well pay them less. They simply aren't there when needed, and when they are there, they have both arms tied behind their backs.

Enough is enough.

Arm Britain said...

During the 1992 L.A riots, the only thing holding back some stores from being destroyed by the mob were the owners displaying their rifles.

Anonymous said...

Please sign the petitions below.



The Whited Sepulchre said...

I could Google this and get the answer, but I think your collective responses might be more entertaining.
When and why did you good people surrender your gun rights?

Allen in Fort Worth, TX

Mark said...

Yes, that's the right answer, of course; let's all get some guns and fucking shoot each other - wa-hey!!! last of the wild frontier!!! Brilliant.

About 75% of the people who buy a gun for home defense never fire it until they're in a situation where they have to, and then they couldn't hit lettuce if they were in the middle of a green salad; they're a menace to everyone in the immediate area. Put away the sticky dreams of Wyatt Earp wearing your pajamas and shooting the eye out of a bluetit at 50 paces.

Remember when the Egyptians were rioting just like this a couple of months ago, and everybody said oh, it's so cute, can you stand it, Lawrence - the Egyptians want freedom and democracy? Bullshit. It was completely contrived. Remember how everybody elbowed each other and chuckled, how clever it was of them to use Facebook and Twitter to mobilize crowds and stay out of reach of the police? Who do you think taught them to do that? Not so clever now, is it? No - now it's illegal!

Folk simply got the notion from watching the telly that people in other countries were having a ripping time smashing stuff and setting stuff on fire, and western countries were swooning with praise for them! Why bother to fly all the way to fucking Egypt or Libya when you can do it right here?

Anonymous said...

Still against national citizen service??

Anonymous said...

"Your money is taken under threat of violence and incarceration and given to the violent and incarcerated" may sound poetic but is, on closer inspection, actually a load of horseshit.

the a&e charge nurse said...

"PETITION TO LEGALISE NON LETHAL WEAPONS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM" - is there a petition for expensive bullets?

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