Monday, July 11, 2011

A day in Stony Stratford

As many people have no doubt already read, Paul Bartlett—a Puritanical Town Councillor in some place called Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire—has proposed a bylaw, banning smoking in public within the town.

Naturally, it's all for the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiildren.

Various bloggers, organised by Dick Puddlecote, are organising a protest to be held from 11am, on Saturday 16th July, in The Vaults pub in Stony Stratford.
With regard to Stony Stratford on the 16th, four excellent speakers have so far been confirmed, and the event has received support from The Freedom Association, Big Brother Watch, Forest, UKIP, Freedom2Choose, and—of course—our esteemed mascot.

Local press will be in attendance and today I spoke to BBC Look East who will be bringing their cameras along on the day.

Numerous non-smokers—such as Misanthrope Girl—are going along too because, as has been pointed out numerous times, whatever your own pleasure is, you're next, sunshine. Especially if that pleasure is alcohol.

Your humble Devil and Bella will also make strenuous efforts to be there to protest against this creeping fascism and to have a few pints (before that gets banned too)...

UPDATE: unfortunately, the wife has pointed out that we actually have stuff booked for Saturday. However, we'll be supporting from the sidelines...


Jennifer said...

Will try and make this one!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing you guys again.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for your support, DK. I look forward to seeing you and Bella on the day.

I set up a new tag for a better link for developments. :)

FlipC said...

"Especially if that pleasure is alcohol."

You do know that councils can already set restrictions on the drinking of alcohol in public places. Although some semblance of justification is required to enact it.

"it's all for the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiildren"

I see people walking down a nearby town's main pedestrianised walkway through the bustling crowds, hot ash falling from the cigarette dangling in their hand held at hip height and then I look at all the children darting amongst them and I think "If I were to walk around in the same manner with a naked flame everyone would consider me irresponsible and I could well be stopped for my dangerous behaviour"

I'm against an outright ban, but there are times smokers just don't help themselves.

Anonymous said...

I find this post troubling in the extreme.

I'm sure you didn't mean it this way but it's almost as if you're implying that politicians don't know what's good for you better than you do.

Clearly there will be no protest because, clearly, no-one could protest against such a wise and well thought-out policy from such respected and popular leaders. Instead, there will be a rally of like-minded individuals who will celebrate the strides taken by Stony Stratford council towards liberating the masses from themselves. You may want to change your post to reflect this.

Stonyground said...

Might I suggest that speakers research what, if anything, Paul Bartlet does to relax? Whatever it turns out to be, I am sure that a plausible case can be made to have it banned for the good of all. Also, make damn sure that he gets to hear about it.

Northampton Saint said...

would love to be ther as it's only a short distance from Northampton, just to put faces to some of my favourite bloggers. if not for the fact that, even as an ex- smoker, i fully support the Freedom To Choose and smoking rooms in pubs. Unfortunately, other events are in the way

This proposed ban is just another click on the ratchet ristricting our freedoms

Anonymous said...

"Protesting " is a waste of time. Ignoring the "ban" en masse and putting your fist in the face of any who tries to enforce it on you is the only real chance.

Bartlett needs to be voted out of his nice council job.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.33 - yes he does and it won't harm to publicise to the good voters of SS the bullshit which passes for his reasoning for such a ban.

Worrying that Cameron wants to give even more power to the Bartletts.


Roger Thornhill said...

This is why LibDems like "localisation" - it allows such Fabian Authoritarian creeps to run riot.

There is only one valid form of localisation - to the individual.

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