Sunday, June 05, 2011

Green idiocy

Caroline Lucas, the face of evil: "look upon my works, ye people with half a brain, and despair (for the future of the human race)."

So, Dr Caroline Lucas has been wittering on about "sustainability" at the Hay Festival.
Hay Festival 2011: Caroline Lucas leads call for return to wartime austerity

Hay Festival went back in time today with a call to return to a more simple life when we made do with old clothes, shared baths and grew our own vegetables.

Lest we forget and imagine that Lucas is qualified to prognosticate on anything useful, your humble Devil would like to remind his faithful readers that Caroline earned her doctorate with a thesis entitled Writing for Women: a study of woman as reader in Elizabethan romance.
Caroline Lucas, Britain’s only Green MP, led the call for “economics as if people mattered”.

Actually, the one thing that strikes me about Green economics is precisely that it assumes that people do not matter in the slightest; the kind of economics pushed by Caroline Lucas and her evil fellow travellers absolutely does not take account of people's wants and desires—and it doesn't even really take account of their needs.

After all, in this country we have just had one of the driest springs on record, which is playing havoc with harvests. Now, if we shut down global trade, as Lucas desires, then we will shortly be starving.
Her argument was based on the seminal work of EF Schumacher, the author of Small is Beautiful.

So, who is this guy?
Schumacher was a respected economist who worked with John Maynard Keynes and John Kenneth Galbraith...

Oh, for fuck's sake...

And here's a telling quote...
The most striking thing about modern industry is that it requires so much and accomplishes so little. Modern industry seems to be inefficient to a degree that surpasses one's ordinary powers of imagination. Its inefficiency therefore remains unnoticed.

... says the man who spent "twenty years as the Chief Economic Advisor to the National Coal Board in the United Kingdom". Yes, that's twenty years as advisor to the nationalised coal industry—no wonder he thought that industry was inefficient!

Still, let's wander back to Lucas's wibble...
Almost forty years after publication of the book she not only said “small is possible” but “small is inevitable”.

Over my dead body. But that won't be enough for you, will it, Caroline? Just one dead body is going to be insufficient for you to realise your plans: you are going to need millions of dead bodies, and many more living in a state of... well, you call it "wartime austerity"I call it "poverty".
In fact if we do not move to a more sustainable way of living then global warming is a “hideous prospect”.

Oh, do go and study some science or some history, woman, rather than feminist wank. Do you see that Doctorate that you have? It's pure fucking self-indulgance, funded through extortion—if you practiced what you preached, you'd have spent your time growing vegetables in your garden rather than using the product of other people's labour to fund your utterly pointless education.

Fuck off, you disgusting hypocrite.
Even David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has admitted Schumacher is an influence on his idea for a ‘Big Society’.

And I didn't think it was possible to hate our carved-wax-candle-faced Prime Minister any more than I already do. Every time, he manages to surprise me.

For fuck's sake, why don't all of you Malthusian bastards go and drown yourselves in a bucket of rancid horse-piss and thus leave more of those scarce resources for the rest of us...?


Not a sheep said...

The more I hear David Cameron witter, the more I realise that he is no better a Prime Minister than Tony Blair. The lack of intellectual honesty and the twisting in the wind of public opinion. The refusal to stand up to the EU, the abandonment of his principles over Israel, the inability to see the truth about climate change; all good reasons why David Cameron is moving from possible good thing as PM to almost certain terrible PM. I vehemently opposed Blair and Brown, do I have to start to do the same with Cameron?

JuliaM said...

That seems like an awful waste of a good bucket of rancid horse piss to me....

Anonymous said...

A fine rant! ... and all true.

Not a sheep -

hadn't you sussed out Camerson before the General Election? It was always clear that he was Blair Mark II.

Anonymous said...

According to Timmy a large part of his book was devoted on how the world should run on coal power. Never gets mentioned by the Greens who claim the book as inspiration.


anne said...

Oh for a genuine Right Wing Conservative Govt.

Ivor the Boneless said...

I don't know about CMD being heir to Bliar Mk2 but more of a snake oil salesman of a 2nd rate Grocer Heath clone! U turns I've got these luverly U turns, get your new policies here. Principles are no object ol' son.

Kevin B said...

"Hay Festival went back in time today with a call to return to a more simple life when we made do with old clothes, shared baths and grew our own vegetables...."

... and suffered lethal strains of e-coli amongst other diseases, of course.

All of which is a feature to these bastards since they don't want millions dead, they want billions dead. The optimum population cunts want 85 to 95 per-cent of us killed in order to produce their 'sustainable' paradise.

Of course, the joke is that it took a thousand years for our population to grow from 400 million to six billion and, if they succeed in culling us back to that sort of level, it will take less time for us to grow the population back since we will have the books and the examples of a modern civilisation to call on.

And if they kill us all for being evil sinners? A hundred thousand years for some other primate to take our niche, and if they kill all the primates, a million years for the pigs or the bears to evolve intelligence and opposable thumbs.

All this in the context of a 4 billion year history of the planet.

I don't know what the bastards want, but it is nothing to do with gaia or any other god.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, more please!

Peter Carter-Fuck said...

I rather doubt that Dave Boy Cameron ever had any principles, apart from the belief that he was born to be Prime Minister.

GaiaWantsMeForAMoonbat said...

Speaking at a book festival, it's possible that some of her audience had read The Mayor of Casterbridge.
Thomas Hardy's rural dystopia, set in the days before rail freight, showed just how nasty agricultural localism can be.

Anonymous said...

Would that be Lucas in the picture demonstrating how to milk the cow for all its worth?

Anonymous said...

I guess if you are in the nomenclatura this counts as a "simple life".


All that this amounts to is that the plebs get the "austerity"and scum like this creature get the high life,it is the same principle as espoused by the filth cameron,"we are all in this together"only we are not,are we,i do not have thirty million in the bank that shields me from manipulation by jew bankers.

Matt said...

I read his book. It was very sensible and made a number of very good points.

None of which Caroline Lucas seems to have taken on board, in truth.

Caroline is a lovely person. No really, she is. Well, she was when I knew her, several lifetimes ago when I was a member of the Ecology Party/Green Party. But I fear that being a lovely person is not enough.

Anonymous said...

Well that deepens my depression. The eco-loons, warmists, and other western civilisation destroying bastards are winning. Any shit they spout gets full coverage in the press. Which still at every opportunity uses "sceptic" "denier" etc.
The effect of Climategate is wearing off fast.

I'm watching the sheep in Germany dashing about from one panic to another and the growing influence of humanity hating greens and given Germany's power in the EUSSR I'm worried.

We're doomed I tell you.

Ian E said...

>>> NotASheep said ' ... I vehemently opposed Blair and Brown, do I have to start to do the same with Cameron? '

You mean you didn't realise this WELL before ScamCam became PM?

Anonymous said...


Roger Thornhill said...

Caroline's work is probably subliminally correctly titled - just alter the emphasis

"Economics - as if people matter..."

Stephen said...

Schumacher once came to give a lecture at the school I was at. He turned up in a gold Rolls Royce. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

do you really have to resort to extremely unpleasant language to make your points? anyone resorting to this use of expletive demonstrates a lack of confident belief in their moral arguments. You could be so much more than an offensive rant.

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