Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For a number of years, your humble Devil and various other demonic minions have been tracking "fake charities"—organisations that claim to be charities but, in fact, take massive amounts of state cash in order to lobby those same governments.

Greenpeace was, in fact, one of the very first organisations that was added to the FakeCharities website—indeed, it was one of those "charities" that inspired it. It is entirely fucking typical, then, that Greenpeace is not currently on that site because we are currently re-investigating their accounts and revising their details.

Why is this fact absolutely bloody typical?

Because—as EUReferendum gleefully points outGreenpeace has lost its charitable status in New Zealand. And why?
Greenpeace New Zealand's political activities mean it cannot register as a charity, the High Court has decided.

Greenpeace appealed against a 2010 ruling by the Charities Commission which found its promotion of "disarmament and peace" was political rather than educational and while it did not directly advocate illegal acts, Greenpeace members had acted illegally.

In his judgment Justice Paul Heath found the commission was correct in its judgment and turned down the Greenpeace appeal.

"Non-violent, but potentially illegal activities (such as trespass), designed to put (in the eyes of Greenpeace) objectionable activities into the public spotlight were an independent object disqualifying it from registration as a charitable entity," the judge said.

Obviously it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of people.



Prodicus said...

Please. Oh, please.

Suboptimal Planet said...

"Obviously it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of people."


I am very grateful to you for highlighting the issue of fake charities. Until I saw a post from you on the subject (many moons ago), I had no idea that 'charities' were receiving compulsorily-extracted wealth. I'm sure most people still don't realise it.

Of course, I think the right answer is for there to be no such thing as charities. If that means abolishing corporation tax, so much the better.

Anonymous said...

'Snigger' was my reaction too.

They are experts at working the system, putting the wind up all and sundry and feeling virtuous about it.

But as their hearts are in the right place!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've always been astonished that ASH have always managed to get away with the various challenges to their charity status as they are the very definition of a lobby group. Hell, they don't just lobby.... they have workers actually employed in the Department of Health advising Government and formulating policy! Incredible....

Umbongo said...

"I've always been astonished that ASH have always managed to get away with the various challenges to their charity status"

I'm not. We're a year into the present shysters' administration and Suzi Leather (a spectacularly political appointment by the Labour administration) remains as head of the Charity Commission.

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