Thursday, May 19, 2011

He's more machine now, than man...

... twisted and evil...

Well, ish.

Thanks for all of the sympathy, o loyal readers: in the end, my dentist—who is very good—managed to fill my front tooth and managed to sort out the right molar with deft use of filling and a titanium pin.

It's back on Monday to sort out the left molar which will be dealt with in similar vein...

Anyway, whilst I am in meandering mode, I would like to bit farewell to two of my favourite and most long-standing blog-reads.

The first actually shut down in April, but I still very much miss that Irish bastard, Twenty Major.
Real life means I’ve got no time to do the blog the way I want to do it anymore and I think it’s better to announce it than let it fade away.

Thank you to all the readers and contributors. I know there’s a nice little community here but maybe it’ll re-emerge somewhere else. If it does, let me know. Thank you to all the interesting, intelligent and decent people who have spent time on here down the years. I’ll miss the chat and the laughs but that’s life.

Take it easy, I wish those of you who aren’t total cunts all the very best.

One can only hope that he is, somewhere, still smoking in Irish bars.

The second blog riding off into the sunset—though perhaps not terminally—is that of my friend and all-round good egg, The Englishman.
It has been a busy seven days; I became a Grandfather, resigned from my job, turned fifty and have just been offered a new job that I hadn't applied for. It is only part time and for three months, I turned down the chance of full time as I still have other irons in the fire. But I think it will be really interesting and the workplace is wonderful and fascinating. And there is every chance the contract will be extended.

However I will be a small speck on the cogwheels of State, with Her Majesty and Her Ministers as my ultimate employers and being a loyal and humble servant it is probably only fitting I am no longer rude about their infinite wisdom.

This isn't a "I will never blog again" post because this blog and you, the readers, have given me so much fun and education over the last seven years that it would be hard to draw it to a close. It just marks that there may be changes and unexplained haituses.

Let us hope that he does, indeed, return.

And in any case, o Englishman, I shall see you at the chilli cook-off: that will have to be compensation for not reading your pellets of wisdom every morning...!


Dick Puddlecote said...

"One can only hope that he is, somewhere, still smoking in Irish bars"

Sadly, he came out recently in fierce defence of the smoking ban against an Irish blogger who is truly anti-state, so almost definitely not.

Anonymous said...

Sad days indeed. Many of the blogs I explored back in 2007 are now either dead or, in some cases, have had instances where the author entered into a terminal disconnect with reality. The few I still go to are the ones left standing (which includes this humble site)!

James Higham said...

I would say this but perhaps the multi-author blog is the future. I came in at the end of DK, it seems.

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