Monday, March 28, 2011

Quote of the day...

March of the Parasites: "I say we nuke the site from orbit: it's the only way to be sure."

... comes from Sam at the ever-excellent Counting Cats In Zanzibar.
I either can’t think of anything to say, or - and this weekend is an example - there’s so much stupidity, idiocy, and downright mouthbreathing fuckwittery going on in Britain that it seems like some kind of Herculean labour to chronicle what I’ve noticed about it and vent my bulging spleen. So I don’t bother. I can’t hold it in today, though. Some people are just so fucking… oh, I don’t know. I can’t find words in the English language sufficient to describe the utter, wilful defiance of objective reality.

That is rather how I feel. It's almost as though one has relied upon people being able to accept, understand and interpret objective reality—and then realised that they don't.

I have written many tens of thousands of words at The Kitchen assuming that people can be reasoned with when quite obviously, it seems, they absolutely can't.

Like your humble Devil, Sam finds himself flabbergasted at Saturday's march in London.
Take the small number of morons who took to the streets of London yesterday. I mean, where to begin? As I said about the students last year, here we have self-styled “anarchists” protesting against a reduction in the size of the state. A reduction, moreover, that isn’t actually happening. If the legacy media and my own acquaintances were all I had to go on, I’d think the entire country was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

It's insane—and deeply fucking irritating.

To a minarchist libertarian like myself, Saturday's march represents the epitome of pathetic, rage-inducing demonstrations. Here we have a whole collection of people (many of whose jobs are solely designed to make our lives more miserable) who are employed on higher wages and better bonuses than those of us in the private sector—the sector that actually creates the wealth that enables these parasites to be employed in their pointless non-jobs.

That the jobs that these people have exist at all is an affront to me.

That these people would march down the street, quite proudly demanding that us and our children's children—aye, unto the nth generation—be enslaved through taxation is enough to make me see red; the fact that these arseholes would unctiously spout these platitudinous catechisms about the evil of slavery, whilst changing their behaviour not at all, brings me to the brink of a coronary.

But the sight of these twerps marching to protect their jobs would be bearable if the cuts in the size of the state were actually happening—but they aren't. We have the worst of both worlds: we must endure sight and sounds of this whinging rag-tag of parasites, moochers, looters, socialists (proclaiming themselves to be anarchists) and union thugs whilst also knowing that the jobs cuts about which they are protesting aren't even happening.

It's enough to make one weep. Or rant on a blog...


Tom Mein said...

Well said, I wish I could articulate my feelings so well.

JuliaM said...

I do so love their claims that this 250,000 (or 400,000) represent 'the overwhelming mood of the public' yet the rioters are 'a tiny unrepresentative minority'...

View from the Solent said...

I suggest a small amendment.
They are not "marching to protect their jobs", but to protect their pay. Whether many of those "jobs" serve any purpose is a moot point

Andrew said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice the irony with which the media describe, as you say, “anarchists” protesting against a reduction in the size of the state.

Dr Evil said...

They are ignorant and idiots. What cuts? The bastard coalition is borrowing like crazy. They might, just might be £2.8 billion shy of their budget for this year. There are no actual cuts. If they want to save money they should aboloish ALL quangos, absorbing none in to the civil service and halveat least) all payments to the EU.

Vladimir said...

If there were no TORY CUTS, it would still be politically useful to pretend that there were.

I don't personally believe there are any cuts, but it certainly is useful to some to pretend that we're in the midst of some Thatcherite "class warfare" of the sort that only happened in the 1980s of myth and legend.

Best not to get too angry. It's what they want, after all, so they can say that you are the unreasonable one, filled with hate and making unfair demands.

Bodderick said...

Once upon a time I too was a Minarchist, but then I came across Stefan Molyneux and have not looked back. Fuck trying to use logic with these fucking moronic cunts. Many of these drones are now lost souls. They have become the Borg and should be referred to by numbers instead of names.

The argument from morality is where the battle must be won. Libertarians have been getting knowhere by using logic for about a century, maybe longer.

The non initiation of violence principle is SOLID and MORALLY impossible to argue against, isn't it. Fuck everything else we are not going to move forward through objective facts with people whose brains are more emotional over analytical.

As a side-note wouldn't it be nice to do a "V" and hijack every network media outlet and continuously play the new "Atlas Shrugged" movie?

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