Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just wondering...

Over at EUReferendum, on the eve of The Budget, Richard's frustration is particularly evident and his dire predictions of bloody revolution becoming ever more bloody... [Emphasis mine.]
The average British household has seen its real-terms income fall by £365 in the worst three-year squeeze since the early 1980s, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, dragging it down 1.6 percent since 2008. During the previous half-century, the average income had risen by 1.6 percent each year.

Against that, inflation is up to 4.4 percent, taxes are up, and are set to increase further with today's budget, as Government finances continue to spiral out of control.

This is balanced by reduced entitlements, poorer services, increased charges and public sector fees – all the while the ruling classes continue to pay themselves more and better salaries and pensions, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This, it seems, it just the time to embark on a foreign adventure, to keep the minds of the plebs focused on the bread and circuses – except that most people aren't buying it. They are deeply suspicious of the cost and alarmed at the evidence that the Boy doesn't actually know what he is doing.

This is getting close to the stuff of revolution. We are not there yet, but each of these developments brings us a step further down this perilous road, from which there is no turning back once the destination is reached.

Maybe so and I have often, in the past, yelled loudly for British citizens to man the barricades!

But I am troubled by just one question should this unhappy situation ever arise...

Tell me—who will rush to enforce a no-fly zone in Britain when the government turns its guns on us...?


Anonymous said...

Presumably some socialist utopia like Venezuela or Cuba?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

"Tell me—who will rush to enforce a no-fly zone in Britain when the government turns its guns on us...?"

A question I posted over at my place only yesterday DK:

Mr Ecks said...

The bottom is going to fall out of the world economy sooner rather than later. When it does the people of this country and the West in general, will face much greater hardship than they have ever known, all the more so since they are used to much more than their forefathers.The State's efforts will, as always, make things worse not better. Under such conditions of financial and social collapse the goon's will be spread thin. Many will not fire on their own (also true, I believe in Libya--that why Gaddo employs an army of sub-saharan mercs to do his killing).
There has been a lot of talk of Euro goons being put on our streets, but, since this will be a world-wide disaster I think the eurotrash will have more problems than they can handle from their own peoples.
The danger of course is the rise of something worse following the departure of the old. That does not always happen (1688 in this country's history comes to mind).
Nobody hated Brown and the scum of NuLab more than me. It seems that the present shower of shite are racing to catch up with the previous mob as fast as they can. They have made a flying start in less than a year.

RantinRab said...

We all know that nationally and above the political classes are lining their pockets at our expense, however I am convinced that the real enemy is on a local level. Here in Scotland councillors are to receive a 16.5% 'salary' increase. What the fuck is going on?

Skip Licker said...

"Tell me—who will rush to enforce a no-fly zone in Britain when the government turns its guns on us...?"

Urm... The RAF - The Army - and I suspect what's left of the Navy...

I'm ex army, like my dad, his dad, his dad etc.. My nephew is current army.

If you think for one moment that Brit Forces would wage war on Brit civilians your delusion needs medical attention.

If you're that worried go sign out a tin-foil beret and man a barricade.. A truly laughable comment

Skip Xx

Jeff Wood said...

I agree with Skip. No British government could count on the Forces turning their guns on the people.

An Islamist insurrection would be a different matter, but there it is likely that any presently conceivable UK government would go weak at the knees.

UK Fred said...

What do you mean "if the government turns its guns on us"?

How many people, not excluding Brazillian electricians have been killed by our police (so-called) service each year in the last 15 years?

How many people are killed by police reckless driving each year? And why do the police get away with it when Joe Public doesn't?

And how many do they let people on life sentences out to kill, I wonder. Just look at that pratt axeman from Hull who should have had his neck stretched, but for wishy washy liberals who cannot recognise evil when it stares them in the face.

Ten years ago I would have ridiculed Alan Watt as a tinfoil hat wearer and conspiracy theorist, but after 3 ZaNu Lie Baaaah goverments that treated "The Trial" and "1984" as textbooks and not as warnings, I'm not so sure. Just look at the census form and ask yourelf why they want to know all that. Why do they want us all to have monbile phones, other than to track us?

Neal Asher said...

There will be no revolution here, since those who riot are always the parasitic wasters. The rest of us are too busy working.

Mark M said...

I always like the whole 'rich get richer while poor get poorer' argument. Especially while we have a minimum wage that gets the poor so.

If you take someone with low skills on jobseekers allowance. They can get £65 per week in benefits. And he will forever be on benefits until either a) he can find a way to improve his skills by enough to justify nearly £6 per hour or b) he is lucky enough to benefit from the charity of a businessman to give him a job and a chance to improve his skills.

Yet the socialists think the current system is fairer (whatever that means) than giving him a chance to work 30 hours per week at £3 per hour, say, and giving him a chance to improve his lot through work experience and on-the-job training.

Why, I wonder, do they think people with lots of years experience earn more than new starters? Do they think it's some kind of discrimination? Does it never occur to them that having a job, regardless of the level of pay, is one of the biggest drivers of social mobility there is?

sewa mobil said...

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Anonymous said...

Creating a no-fly zone would be easy. Either pay a scientist to declare that the ash from a volcano in the southern Pacific means that it is too dangerous to fly, or insist that all RAF operations must be carbon-neutral.

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