Sunday, February 06, 2011

Right on cue...

... given my last post, up pops Clegg to tell us all that the Coalition cannot do much about economic growth because... Well, you can guess, can't you?
Nick Clegg has defended the government against accusations that it does not have a plan for boosting the economy.

In a speech, he said the government could not pull a lever to generate growth, and was in the process of unwinding a "toxic legacy" of debt.

Oh, what a surprise.

However, it is always worth reminding ourselves of the awfulness of the alternatives...
But Labour leader Ed Miliband said spending cuts would make it harder for the next generation to stay in school, go to university or own their own home.

No, Ed: what has made it harder is your generation's and your government's reckless disregard for financial probity—or even financial sanity.

The reason that the next generation will find it harder to "stay in school, go to university or own their own home" is because your government—the one in which you actively participated, which you were a key member of—has racked up massive and unsustainable debts.

It is because your government spent vastly more than its income for ten years, and now we are all paying the price.

So why don't you grow a sense of shame and shut the fuck up?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Devil

Nice to see you have given up the knife and are back in the kitchen - too much knife crime, we are told, though it seems that carrying a picture of a knife is a crime these days, unless you are a hoodie.

That nice Mr E Miliband suggests that that spending cuts will make it harder to go to university.

Define 'university'.

Dumb down education enough and infants school can be called university: so everyone will go to university. Simples.

Now all we have to do to cover his other two points is raise the school leaving age to 21 and redefine ‘home’.

Job done.


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