Sunday, February 20, 2011

Andrew Lansley is an utter bastard

Andrew Lansley: an utter bastard, authoritarian thug and all round scumbag.

Do you remember how NuLabour used to talk about "voluntary" rules for certain industries? And yes, if the industry did not comply voluntarily, these vermin would then say, with a deep note of fake regret in their voices, that they had no choice but to legislate because evil businesses would not ruin their markets themselves?

Usually it was over some perceived vice—such as drinks companies advertising their wares—or some non-existent scare, such as that over salt.

Well, it seems that the Coalition in general, and Andrew Lansley in particular, is doing exactly the same thing.
Restaurants and work canteens will put calorie counts on menus and food manufacturers will promise to cut down on salt and artificial fats under a set of agreements to be announced today.

The three voluntary “responsibility deals” agreed with the food industry are aimed at helping the public to eat more healthily, in a drive to tackle the growing problem of obesity among both adults and children.

Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, believes that firms will be more likely to set ambitious targets for themselves if they are negotiated on a voluntary basis.

Rather than a “nanny state” approach, he is keen to arm the public with the tools they need to cope in an “obesogenic environment,” where people are bombarded with adverts for unhealthy food.

What, in the name of fuck, is an “obesogenic environment”? And why the bastarding hell should I—a 6' tall, 10 and a half stone man—be lectured at by Lansley and his fat fucking fellows?

Might I remind everyone that salt—in this case, sodium chloride—is absolutely essential for nerve function? If you do not get enough salt, you will die: if you eat rather more salt than you need then... Well, it does nothing much at all.

Furthermore, you need to have fats too, although I don't know what Lansley would class as "artificial fats".

But I bet that he also means to include that evil steroid, cholesterol—the great demon of the "fatty food" world. Like salt, cholesterol is absolutely vital to life, being...
... an essential structural component of mammalian cell membranes, where it is required to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity. In addition, cholesterol is an important component for the manufacture of bile acids, steroid hormones, and Vitamin D.

This is what so annoys me about this bollocks: politicians legislate on the basis of rent-seeking obsessives waving false fucking information in their faces—such as the five myths about alcohol—and then they do active damage to people's lives because the average MP is so screamingly pig-ignorant about anything other than being a total cunt.

And quite apart from the rightness—or otherwise—of Lansley's policy, why the fuck should the food industry be forced to build the altar on which they are to be sacrificed? Because that is what is going to happen...
If firms break their promises, the Government will however consider taking compulsory measures.

Ah, yes, of course. The food firms totally understand that these are voluntary agreements. Unless, of course, they don't agree—in which case they will be compulsory.

Is anyone else ashamed at the fact that Lansley and his ilk claim to represent us?

And just in case Lansley's approach is not clear to you, here is a nice little illustration from Perry at Samizdata.
Imagine you are walking down the street and a man in a suit walks up to you holding a large cudgel...

"Excuse me," he says, "I have seen you walk down this street on a daily basis wearing a tee-shirt and in future I would like you to wear a suit and tie to raise the tone of the neighbourhood."

"Er, no," you reply, "I am happy dressed the way I am."

"I see," the man replies, "well I would rather not have to threaten to hit you with this cudgel if you do not do what I say so I want you to voluntarily agree to wear a suit and tie."

"But you are threatening to hit me with that cudgel!" you point out.

"No," he says, "I will only threaten to hit you with this cudgel if you don't do what I want voluntarily."

And some people thought that the Coalition might bring more freedom...


Chris Edwards said...

We are getting an impressive list here, the DDT ban, CFL light bulbs, extortionate solar and wind farm decorations, the motor trade has a bunch. Anyone fancy publishing a list?

JuliaM said...

"And some people thought that the Coalition might bring more freedom..."

Did they? Did they really?

And hasn't the US just found out that the calorie count on menus achieves, well, nothing?

Tony Lorusso said...

The conventional thinking on why we get fat, such as consuming fat, is also a myth. We also need some fat for insulation, as an energy store and it act as physical buffer for our internal systems.

Checkout Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat: And What to Do about It" and make up you own mind.

Anonymous said...

The first political party that tells all the "experts", single issue fanatics and rent seeking organisations to fuck right off will get my vote.

Does anyone know what "evidence based" means? It appears to have nothing to do with evidence except of the fabricated kind.

john in cheshire said...

Wouldn't it a pleasure to read this headline : No New Legislation Enacted This Year

better still for it to be followed by :
All 13 Years of Labour Legislation Repealed

Dr Rant said...

Couldn't agree more old chap!

Dick Puddlecote said...

He wouldn't be as much of a cock if there was at least some whiff of evidence behind this crap.

Because there really isn't.

Bill Sticker said...

"Restaurants and work canteens will put calorie counts on menus and food manufacturers will promise to cut down on salt and artificial fats under a set of agreements to be announced today."

Bloody hell, that is so utterly desperate. The coalition is out of ideas so it's heading right down the road to regulation hell that Labour were dragging the UK down. The French will be making jokes about British cuisine until doomsday. Not that they weren't already, but now they'll have proof.

Mac the Knife said...

"And some people thought that the Coalition might bring more freedom..."

Who? Anyone that stupid is already in the coalition.

cornyborny said...

An obesogenic environment is one in which ministers of our EU-puppet government have so few actual responsibilities that they feign activity in order to justify their taxpayer-extorted salaries.

It's all very unhealthy.

derek.buxton1 said...

Two days, two food scares, they are getting f****ng desparate. Why do they not just shut up about our "good" and do something useful in our interest.
Mind you, bad as he is, I hate the supermarkets who cosy up to the prat, alright, pimp for the prat. Why do they not just tell him to FOXTROT OSCAR. Let them do the job of supplying what we the customers want!

Anonymous said...

The Devil is BACK!!!

A sure sign that politicians are fucking up everything they touch.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes YES. The Devil looks like he is building up a nice head of steam.
Not really surprising in my view. The change from Labour to what the fuck we have now was certainly pretty seamless. As in I can't tell the difference between the two sets of fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Funny how these losers are so obsessed with controlling how much salt and fat we eat, and trying to tax us into oblivion for simple alcohol and tobacco; yet when it comes to Genetically Modified food and crops (something the vast majority of the public do NOT want), they seem happy enough to grease the slide for the grubby companies like Monsanto to sow the seeds of our own destruction.

Angry Exile said...

It's like Labour never really went away, isn't it? It's also pretty much what I expected from the fuckers long before the election.

richard said...

Listen to Lansley on Radio 4's
the food programme 21st Feb. The interviewer tries to counter his crap by mentioning the Lancet (17mins into the inteview) as having a contrary view. He just laughs and sneers. He's right and everyone else is wrong, evidence doesn't matter, never mind the ethics of ordering people to maintain a Government-approved physique. He's beyond contempt.

stwB said...

DEVIL WORSHIPER LANGSLEY, but he isn't worth the kudos. Wot a CUNT

What are you waiting 4
KILL THE poor. You bastard!
Langsly is poor...

People wiv no money are v'often rich.


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