Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome to the stupid

The fact that arts students possess almost no conception of science is a regular joke amongst those of us who have actually studied hard sciences, and so one doesn't have high hopes for any magazine the tagline of which is "Arts. Culture. Spirit".

Even so, this piece of ignorancespotted by new environmental blog Haunting The Library—is quite brilliant.
The entire planet is affected by global warming, and polar bears in Antarctica aren’t the only ones facing changes.

Indeed. Because polar bears don't actually live in the Antarctic—they are exclusive to the Arctic. If polar bears are moving to the Antarctic, then that would certainly entail a great deal of change.

But they aren't. So, Chronogram magazine wins the Pig-Ignorant Loser Of The Day award.

Well done!

Of course, one shouldn't be too hard on the poor dears—after all, one of the main reasons that the whole Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) fraud has so captured the imagination is that those who report on it in the media have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

As both your humble Devil and the eminent Bishop Hill have reported a number of times, the BBC, for one, seems to be extremely short of reporters who are actually trained in science.


Z said...

In my day, that would have been general knowledge - where polar bears live, that is - not science.

The days of the polymath are long gone, but now there seems to be an odd pride in total ignorance, except in one's own small sphere. I've had scientists assure me they know nothing about history or grammar, and anyone who isn't a mathematician professes a complete ignorance of basic maths.

Lola said...

Question. Why is that engineering and science university students mix with and go to 'artistic' students and 'artistic' events, but you cannot drag an 'arts' student to anything vaguely scientific or engineering-tific?

Ed P said...

Perhaps the polar bears were visiting the penguins?

That's the problem with all this made-up climate "science" - it's based on half-truths and misinterpretations, so what's the matter with a polar error too?

JuliaM said...

Well, this morning the 'Daily Telegraph' informed us of this new zoological discovery:

"A dog fox will often grow bigger than the rest of the pack because the social system means the alpha male gets most of the food and the rest get leftovers."

Yes, foxes are social pack hunters. Who knew..?

johnny nunsuch said...

Is it because AGW or climate change promoters are bi-polar ?

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