Thursday, January 20, 2011

The problem with education...

Via Timmy, here's the teaching unions' attitude to education... [Emphasis mine.]
Unions said a proposed review of primary and secondary school subjects would render the curriculum unfit for the needs of a modern education system.

They insisted that a renewed focus on detailed subject knowledge was “elitist” and would alienate thousands of children, particularly those from the poorest backgrounds.

So, knowing about stuff in anything greater than the most cursory detail is "elitist", is it?

And poor people cannot possibly be interested in learning because, presumably, they want to ensure that they and their children remain poor for ever...?

These people have got to go.


john in cheshire said...

I just hope the lot who are currently in power have thick enough skins to ignore the socialist shit that infests our education system. Culling of socialists from teaching positions is long overdue; like, 50 years overdue.

Furor Teutonicus said...

This is what happens when you allow the lower classes into politics.

I wish to see them working, NOT getting involved in what for them constitutes intelectual discussion.

Dr Evil said...

A detailed subject knowledge will depend on the age and attainment level of the child. However, to call it elitist is bonkers. To get anywhere in any subject the more you know the further you can go in it. What is wrong with elitism? Perhaps a bright but poor child can, via education, join this elite and stop being poor!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with elitism? Perhaps a bright but poor child can, via education, join this elite and stop being poor!

Used to be called Grammar schools.

Michael Fowke said...

Probably why I had to educate myself, after leaving school.

JuliaM said...

The comprehensive system - its culmination.


Clarissa said...

Socialists don't want an intelligent and educated populous as those people are generally less likely to vote for them.

Roger Thornhill said...

What Clarissa says.

"Elitist" is also a neat label, like "racist" to enable those curious bystanders to then be asked to move along, nothing more to see here.

While one would hope a school does not ONLY focus on the "elite", to suppress the formation of a desire in kids to BE the elite is almost cruelty. Actually, it is.

Given that, (and hat tip to @Art_Li) a Goldmans bank worker on £300k pays the tax of 22 average joes, one has to realise that without the elites doing what they do, the poor will get poorer. As Maggie said of socialists, they prefer the poor were poorer rather than see the rich richer.

Socialism is entropic - we will sink to a grey ooze. Heat death.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX They insisted that a renewed focus on detailed subject knowledge was “elitist” and would alienate thousands of children, particularly those from the poorest backgrounds.XX

We heward all these "argument from the commy shites in the sixth orms of the 70s. We rang the warning bells then, but were laballed "National front types".

NOW all those shites we warned you about are in "Government", whether National, Local, or unions. OR they are the "lobbyists" who run the "social services", Police comittees, "Equality" organisations, Health and safety,"Environment" organisations, etc, etc.

Then you ask WHY the place is in such shit order?

Trooper Thompson said...

There's no point blaming socialism. The problem is the state-controlled school system. Socialism's sin in this case is to want to dominate the machinery of the state for their own ends. Break up that machinery and the problem goes away. Leave that machinery in place, and the problem persists.

Anonymous said...

We are about to spend over 100k in the next 7 years putting our daughter through private school. It's a good school - no doubt - but not so different from the Grammer school I attended,having passed the 11 plus, and for my attendance of which my parents paid ZERO pounds over and above the taxes they had contributed to the state. At the state school she would otherwise attend, just 44% of its pupils leave with 5 gcse's of grade C or above. It is this statistic which counts in being deemed either a 'failing' or 'successful' school. Do the teachers spend their time raising the likely attainment of a 'C' to an 'A'or 'B', or dragging the 'Ds' over the line by teaching them how to pass exams ? As for the kids themselves - for a goodly number, success is measured by the attainment of an ASBO or the loss of virginity at the earliest opportunity - no doubt followed in some cases by the rite of passage of that first abortion....batophte

Anonymous said...

If more of the kids came from homes where the parents could actually speak English, read English and write English this would be a start towards improvement.

We have an entire generation of kids white, black & brown who have graduated from Labours educational experiment.

The Lefties were more concerned with inclusiveness, multiculturalism and equality, there was no time in the curriculum for education.

Now everyone is equal. Equally Shit

the a&e charge nurse said...

So Grammar schools were the zenith of British education were they?

Get a grip Devil - do you really want to turn us back to the type of world we inhabited 30 or 40 years ago (a joyless culture perpetuated by our class riven education system)

In the main things are far better today - we are more relaxed and have choices that our parents could only dream about (travel, drugs, sexual freedoms, gender equality, etc, etc).

There is still sufficient vitality in our education system to churn out the next generation of doctors, lawyers and engineers - in fact these subjects are all massively oversubscribed at any half decent Uni (largely due to the proliferation of pushy middle class families).

Lets face it, you don't need Latin to drive a tube on the underground - whichever way you cut it the majority of jobs nowadays could be performed by well a trained monkey, or increasingly by machines (assuming of course the work has not been outsourced to India).

Why fret about education for the working class unless you simply want a better class of mugger?

In the age of information (the net, wiki-leaks, etc) you have to understand that it is the MEANING of education itself that is the most significant change, not the utterances of a few trades unionists.

Anonymous said...

The unions are just leftards

the a&e charge nurse said...

Digital culture makes us thick

Anonymous said...

A question for the nurse. How do you feel about your middle class child denying a poor, working class child a place at Bristol? (I am aware from previous contributions that your child has earned a place there) How do you feel about your middle class child adding to the over respresentation of the ghastly middle classes in the professions? Just wondered.....

the a&e charge nurse said...

I have argued several times that the class system is stacked against bright working class kids - this is one of the key issues that needs to be addressed in education since exam results are an imperfect reflection of a child's latent ability.

The oldest is in Badock, the only child from a state school on her floor.
You're right though - we are ghastly - there is something corrosive in becoming too caught up in competition for a Uni place, but what's the alternative ........... especially given the increase in fees that's just around the corner?

Trooper Thompson said...

@ the nurse,

"I have argued several times that the class system is stacked against bright working class kids"

I notice above you attack the idea of grammar schools, which is the way bright working class kids got a chance.

I don't personally support them, because I don't believe in state-run schools.

FlipC said...

So a one-word unattributed unlinked quote surrounded by Telegraph context. What did a quick search pull-up from NASUWT
"The Coalition Government is pursuing a relentlessly elitist approach to education, condemning schools to live or die by the narrow range of subjects identified in the English Baccalaureate."

I can't find any other publicly available quotes.

Roger Thornhill said...

The "English Bac" just blows the lid on the "GNVQ=5 GCSEs" gig and the progressives don't like it much.

What is the fuss - if a school can show that kids are getting shed loads of GNVQs and this is a more vocational stream, then why the worry. Methinks GNVQ has an image problem or a fundamental justified cred problem.

Solve that, not cover it up and pretend it is a bunch of GCSEs.

I am with TT - "state" schools and the idea the centre should push the grammar model is as bad as Compo models. Let schools decide. Good ones will be full, bad ones will empty. Just dont shove fat piles of cash to various friends of Gove and co to build/convert/operate them. Vouchers only, NO special favours.

It was a BIG mistake to not go a level playing field route with free schools. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Tis ok chaps i think i've successfully corrected what they were trying to say.

They insisted that a renewed focus on detailed subject knowledge was “elitist” and would alienate thousands of teachers, particularly those from the dumbest backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Wondered how we managed to have so many rubbish managers who know so little.

Anonymous said...

There will never be anything but continued failure in this country until the educational apartheid (public/private schooling) that our children are damaged by is removed for good. Until everyone actually realises they are in truth equal, exactly like the french and not ignorant subjects of the Harrow/Eton, Oxbridge self elected elite who have no empathy or understanding of what the rest of us have to endure. It won't happen in my lifetime - but you cannot read this post without considering the general well-farmed ignorance of the Murdoch supporting population. Politics in the UK is the art of pulling up the ladder behind you ASAP and it always starts with education policy and enactment. The mushroom theory of education rules - Keep them in the dark and throw lots of compost on top of them or give them the basics so they will realise they haven't read their Homer or Virgil. This battleground damages everyone but the privileged have no compunction about prescribing for the lower orders. The national curriculum does not apply in public schools.

Meanwhile promote the arrogance and self confidence of the thick, the privileged and the sodding greedy with classes of six pupils. Nope not in my lifetime. A plague on all their houses.

Anonymous said...

could it be because the buggers dont know much detail about the subject themselves?

Furor Teutonicus said...

It does not give much hope for the NEXT generation of teachers.

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RAB said...

Jesus, what the fuck was that about?!!

Nurse, the one thing never mentioned about the 11+ and the Grammar school system is this...

It concentrated the minds of Primary and Junior school teachers wonderfully.

If your pupils have to take a life changing exam at the age of 11, then it behoves the teachers to teach them to read, write and count by that age. For if they cannot read the bleedin exam paper, let alone pass it, the teachers are going to get it in the ass straight away, arn't they?

Hence even the kids who failed their 11+ in my day (I passed) and went to Secondary Moderns, could all read, write and count. And according to Mark Twain, thats all you really need."Teach them to read and write, then show them where the library is..." After that you can teach yourself, but if you can't read by that age, well basically you are fucked for the rest of your life

You gotta fight for your right to be stupid said...

What do we want?

No Education!

When do we want it?


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