Friday, January 07, 2011

Oh Frabjous Day!

David Chaytor: officially a thief.

Well, it's finally happened—one of our thieving politicians has been put in jail for stealing our money, with malice aforethought. David Chaytor—a lying, dishonest little weasel—has been jailed for 18 months for diddling the taxpayer out of £20,000.
Ex-Labour MP David Chaytor has been jailed for 18 months for fraudulently claiming more than £20,000 in expenses.

Chaytor, 61, the former MP for Bury North, last month admitted three charges of false accounting.

He submitted bogus invoices for IT consultancy work and claimed rent he never paid on homes owned by his family, the court was told.

I have been waiting so long to see one of these bastards behind bars that I should be cracking open the champagne—except, given the extortionate level of taxation, it must be cava—but there is a cloud hanging over this whole affair.

18 months is not nearly long enough.

Let us look at the litany of quite calculated fraud engaged in by this former bastion of the Labour Party shall we?
The court heard that Chaytor was paid £12,925 for rent on a flat near Westminster between 2005 and 2006 which he owned, using a fake tenancy agreement with a "Sarah Elizabeth Rastrick" - his daughter's first and middle names.

He claimed £1,175 over 12 months but the court heard he did not pay out any money himself.

He also claimed £5,425 for renting a cottage in Summerseat, near Bury in Lancashire between September 2007 and January 2008. A police investigation discovered it was actually owned by his mother, Olive Trickett, who had moved into a nursing home in May 2007 because she had dementia.

The claim for IT support services, made in May 2006, came as "something of a surprise" to the man named in the invoice - Paul France - the court heard, because he had not billed the former MP for any work. Mr France was a Labour member who did voluntary work at Chaytor's office.

I can only agree with Prosecuting QC Peter Wright who, as reported by Guido, told the court...
“We say Mr Chaytor knew the rules, why else would he produce false documents?”

Quite so: David Chaytor planned and executed this fraud quite deliberately, and with malice aforethought.

Chaytor probably didn't think that he was doing anything really evil though: like most other people in this country, he probably thought of it as just "government cash"—magic money that just falls from the sky.

The truth is that every single pound that he stole—each one of those 20,000 pounds—was, in fact, the proceeds of some ordinary person's hard work. At the National Minimum Wage rate, David Chaytor stole over 3,372 hours—at 40 hours a week, that's over 84 weeks—of our work, our skills, our experience.

That's 18 months of someone's life stolen by this dishonest bastard: Chaytor has not even been sentenced to that long in jail. And don't forget that, assuming good behaviour, David Chaytor will be free in 9 months.

Some might criticise my hard line, citing the fact that Chayor is "facing a large legal bill for both his defence and the costs of bringing the prosecution against him".

Good. I hope that he is bankrupted and lives his twilight years in penury.

Apparently, the judge took into account the fact that Chaytor pleaded guilty to the charges: let us remind ourselves, however, that prior to his plea, he and his fellow ex-MPs tried their very best to stay out of the courts.

They wasted their time and our money on judicial reviews and appeals designed to ensure that they should not face any legal sanction at all—they argued, quite literally, that they were above the law.

It was only when it was finally ruled that the law applied to these scumbags as it does to the rest of us that Chaytor finally pleaded guilty—presumably because he not only knew that he was guilty, but because he knew his guilt was irrefutable.

Because of the convoluted run-around that Chaytor and his mates gave the justice system—at our expense—I believe that no mitigation for a guilty plea should have been allowed for.

But perhaps that is because I am a vindictive little Devil who thinks that Chaytor is simply the most egregious tip of a very big iceberg, and that a really punitive sentence would also have served as a severe warning pour encourager les autres.

Still as we are reminded, there are some more trials to come yet—and hopefully we shall see some more of these thieving bastards imprisoned over the coming weeks.

So, let us put aside the disappointment of Chaytor's ludicrously light sentence and focus, instead, on the fact that one of these venal scum is now inside.

So, let us raise our glasses of cava, and yell, in triumph, "oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!"

UPDATE: given the withering silence of the Leftie blogs, quite the most stupid comment on this whole affair comes from Iain Dale's sort-of blog, in a post detailing the topics for discussion on his LBC show this evening.
7pm: I think David Chaytor should have been punished heavily, but not by sending him to prison. What good will it do apart from appease parts of the media?

For fuck's sake, do I really have to spell this out? What it does, Iain, is show that the law applies to everyone—even MPs who think that they can get away with fraud.

How can I put this any more simply?

David Chaytor committed fraud; as I have outlined above, he quite deliberately falsified documents in order to steal £20,000 of other people's hard-earned money. The maximum prison term that Chaytor could have been sentenced to was seven years; in fact, he was sent down for a ludicrously lenient eighteen months, of which he will serve nine.

And you think that he has been punished heavily? Hardly.

And sentencing a fraudster to jail is not done to "appease parts of the media", Iain (although that might be a side-effect): it is done to hammer home the point that the bastard has broken the law and deserves to be punished.

Is that clear enough for you?


Dick Puddlecote said...

"David Chaytor stole over 3,372 hours—at 40 hours a week, that's over 84 weeks—of our work, our skills, our experience."

At the full minimum wage level, yes. But remember that it would take someone on minimum wage (even on a BR tax code) five times that long to contribute, via taxes, the same amount as he stole from the pot.

Nine years of tax taken from the people he sought to protect.

Labour MPs, eh?

Dick the Prick said...

Having had a few hours to mull it over and stuff it gets worse, really. That the guy was so fucking stupid that he went out of his way to deceive when all he had to do was a Francis Maude type circle jerk by buying his kids house and she move into his etc. Well, he's only been collared by being a fucking idiot.

Anyway, good start but I fear it's so rigged and he sooo stupid that this kinda shit is limited to place men. Hey ho - good score for today, though.

MatGB said...

Re the 'silence of the lefties', this little lefty plans to write up a response to the conniving little shit ASAP, but given the flu addled state of his brain, is unlikely to actually get it done.

There's a very good reasons for wanting to write it up specifically, and I never thought I'd say this one. Thank the gods for All Women Shortlists.

Look at his actual address. In 1992, he was the Labour candidate for the constituency I now live in. If it weren't for the imposition of an AWS, he'd have undoubtedly been the candidate in 1997 as well.

So he'd have been my MP from when I moved up here to last May.

Instead, I got one of the most awkward of the Labour awkward squad who, despite her lunatic economic views, was very sound on social and political freedom issues--if she'd run again, I'd have possibly voted for her, regardless of her party.

And yeah, the sentence appears too short, even with cooperation. OTOH, pretty sure he has to pay back everything he defrauded, plus all costs of prosecution. I suspect bankruptcy looms.

Dick the Prick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MatGB said...

heh. I'm the Brighouse chair, candidacy in Town was of the paper variety. Walk past your offices regularly. Hopefully will be getting organised when well to run the local AV campaign, should be fun. Locals'll be interesting this time, wondering how big Joyce's majority will be in May :-)

Dick the Prick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dick the Prick said...

Good luck with it man, you should be in with a good shout.

Ian E said...

Iain Dale, for all that he used to have decent political instincts, went native with the political class years ago when he decided he wished to become an MP - a sad loss to the blogging universe!

As for Chaytor, they said on the news this morning that he would be eligible for house curfew within 4 and a half months(sic!). The politicos are yet again having a laugh at us, their masters!

Anonymous said...

Chaytor only pleaded guilty so that his daughter didn't have go be a prosecution witness against him

Anonymous said...

Glad the scumbag has been jailed but lets face it his crimes are a drop in the ocean compared to the criminal banking elite who stole billions from the taxpayer.

CC Truckston said...

Glad you have returned to the internets, Devil. I quite missed your slicing and dicing. You have good edges on your knives.

The North Briton said...

Let's not help perpetuate prison myths, DK. He hasn't been sentenced to 18 months in prison. He's out in May unless he "misbehaves". As there's no realistic prospect of that, it's not really an 18 month sentence.

Anonymous said...

North Briton has got it right, he'll be out in a few months. His sentence was perverse. He stole Public Money thus abusing his position, he should have gone down for a long time, many years.


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