Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fake Charities...

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to disturb you—however, I thought that some of you may be interested that is back up again. It's looking a bit empty the now, simply because the transfer has removed some info (though we're working on that) and because, of course, charity funding has also moved on.

We would very much like you to register—if you are interested—to be either a submitter or verifier (or both).

You know what it is about—check with the Charity Commission website: if a charity has receives over £1 million from the state, or garners more than 10% of their cash from the state, then they are designated a Fake Charity.

As always, it is massively important that we can prove the above: as such, submissions should be accompanied with a bunch of proven accounts. We will verify your submissions and make sure that they are legitimate: after all, with a name like Fake Charities, we have to be.

Please register: please help. With Dave committed to giving yet more of your money to these organisations as part of The Big Society, we need your help more than ever. It will be a resource to all of you and, if we get enough donations, then we shall hold a big Christmas party.

But, mainly, we need to get a handle on these thieving gits—they are taking our money, without our consent. And yet the British media paint them as saints.

And, as saints, they have a rather moral hold over all of us—even though they are no better than government agencies.

These disgusting organisations are held up as better than us—as our betters. We are forced to fund them, and yet they are our betters?

Fuck that.

If these organisations are of so much value, then they can surely persuade people to give money to them without having to steal it from those of us who earn our own money...?

Or maybe not?

Probably not.

These people take their salaries from us: their money is extorted from us. Under threat of force. Help us to expose them. Help us to do it in a decent, verified way. Because, you see, we don't need to tell lies about them: they are bleeding us dry and all we need to see is their accounts.

Fake Charities: the place you need to go for the information about thieving bastards who are nothing about you—except the best way in which to steal your cash.

Help us expose them: help us make them pay.


Pavlov's Cat said...

I'm very glad, I popped over there last night to check out as from the TV ad it seemed like an archetypal fake charity and I had not noticed the Do As We Say ads were back. So they will be my first submission

Reading For Life are an offshoot of The National Literacy Trust their 2009 accounts don’t show how much they got from Govt but in 2008 of a total income of £1,668,617 it shows that £1,122,403 came from Govt grants.

Angry Exile said...

A welcome return. It was a good idea - still is - and a useful source. And nice to see you back blogging as well.

Anonymous said...

Just one of the many things that prove regime change in the UK is in fact no change at all.
It's merely an illusion to make the sheeple think they have a vote.
Half of them have cottoned on and dont bother anymore.
I must admit particularly ASH are a pretty nasty bunch of bigots though.

Anonymous said...

Good idea --well done. I wish the summary on each fake charity exposed how much the operators take as salary.

I'm glad you are back-ish.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Giving chairities government monrey is a good idea, it keepos them on a short leash. We would not want campaigning groups, truth tellers or rabble rousers being able to influence the gullible public would we?

I was once involved with a stroke survivors charity, having done some stand up and radio work and had minor success as a writer I was a natural for PR effort. I don't talk like a stereotypical stroke survivor either.

After a successful spot on radio that got a wonderful response and pulled in a few hundred pounds in donations I suddenly found myself pushed aside. When I tackled the CEO, a lawyer, after a verbal fencing match he admitted pressure had been put on because I was too outspoken. More than half the group's income came either directly from government or from agencies the government could influence.

So from being a campaign group they went to being a group dedicated to saying what a jolly good job the health ministry and the NHS were doing.

Dioclese said...

My views on charities have, I think, been aired widely in my blog so I am more than happy to add 'fake charities' to my blogroll and look forward to following it with interest!

Anonymous said...

Hang on. On the one hand Gov money means the Fakes are kept in check and don't rock the boat.But charities are not supposed to campaign politically are they?

On the other hand Gov supported Fakes can always be relied on to publish fake research results that enable the Gov to say "---see that , see what the public are demanding"

Are these two "hands" different or two sides of the same thing.
Do the general public suffer in any way?
Was this an example of the corruption of public life by Labour?


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Fake Charities is talking misleading bullshit,
(albeit well-intentioned) from start to finish. I repeat here, enclosed in inverted commas, what I have just posted there. In fact, if anyone was daft enough to take its proposals seriously, then hundreds of very worthy charities indeed would be very adversely affected. I realise I shall probably be treading on some people's most cherished opinions, but I really don't mind as life is far too short for delusory fantasies. This is what I wrote at Fake Charities:

"Unfortunately the above proposals are not going to get you anywhere. In fact, they’re nonsense, I’m sorry to say, and I strongly recommend you read my paper at Pro-Choice Smoking Doctor which covers many of these issues in depth otherwise you’re going to continue spouting this rubbish ad infinitum.

See: “Taking the Bull by the Horns”

It’s a.pdf and you may download it easily."

Best Wishes,

Blad Tolstoy

Anonymous said...

Might as well add Lisa Presley and Liliana Lovell to the list or any celebrity, who only gives, to use it as a PR stunt instead of actually caring about people.

Oh wait, did I just hear a drunk boarding an airplane?

Add that one to their IOU list.

Anonymous said...

This may be of interest

barry tebb said...

There are other fake charities!I used to run a not for profit press and found funding apps a dire task.Thousands of "registered charities" but most who say they offer grants-some with millions in their coffers-don't even reply!The Charity Commission will only investigate the most blatant frauds.Some "charites" appear to be "family businesses" and appear bullet proof!Barry Tebb

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