Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Dark Side of the Moonbat

"My, that's a nice house, George. A little large for one divorced man to live in though, don't you think? Why don't you find a couple of poor winos—I'm sure they'd appreciate the use of a room or two..."

A great many bloggers have rightfully excoriated George Monbiot's latest piece of arse-wibble, in which he calls for people to be heavily taxed for not filling their homes to capacity with... well... anyone at all.

And it's for the environment, naturally.
Yet the new homes the government says we need – 5.8m by 2033 – threaten to mash our landscapes and overload the environment.

Well, hardly. There are roughly 25 million households in Britain today, and just how much has that managed to "mash our landscapes"? Well, not massively, to be honest.
Scale down the UK. To 99 football pitches.

All built up areas plus gardens would be 6 of those football pitches.

All very interesting. But there was one particular sentence, in particular, that leapt out at me...
While most houses are privately owned, the total housing stock is a common resource.

No, it fucking well isn't. I mean, why not just declare that whilst most food is privately owned, the total food supply is a common resource? Or that clothes are a common resource? Or just about any other bastard thing?

Strangely, however, the only person that I have seen explicitly making this point is Shuggy—who sums it up very succinctly in talking about his mother's place.
Anyway - and I appreciate some might find this an unsettlingly rightwing argument - the house isn't part of some 'common stock'; it is hers because she bought it.

Quite. What Monbiot is, essentially, arguing for is outright communism—if a house that you have bought is, in fact, not yours but "common stock", then anything is "common stock". And if it belongs to everyone, it belongs to no one.

Leaving aside any concept of the tragedy of the commons—something that an idiot like Moonbat will be entirely unaware of (because he's a fucking moron)—if nothing really belong's to anyone, then we are in a communist state.

If you really want communism, George, why not be honest about it?

Anyway, any number of other people, of course, have pointed out Moonbat's colossal hypocrisy—living, as he does, in a four bedroom house which is, since his divorce, presumably rather in need of some lodgers.

Mind you, and perhaps because of his own situation, George is not planning to force you to fill your house to capacity—yet. He would like to see you clobbered under the tax system though.
The next step is to reverse the UK's daft fiscal incentive to under-occupy your home. If you live by yourself, regardless of the size of your property, you get a 25% council tax discount.

Yes, George: that is because Council Tax is supposed to pay for the services provided by the council. One person uses far fewer services than two or three: and that one person will use far fewer services than a family (single-parent or otherwise).

The idea of tax, George, is that it is used to pay for services used: it should not be used to punish people who happen to have a lifestyle that you disapprove of.
The rest of us, in other words, subsidise wealthy single people who want to keep their spare rooms empty. Those who use more than their fair share should pay for the privilege, with a big tax penalty for under-occupation.

So, you would tax the self-employed who might use one of their "bedrooms" as a study, perhaps? Do you have a study, George, or do you toss this drivel off whilst lying in your plush bed, or posing at your trendy breakfast bar?

Actually, I imagine that you concoct this crap whilst sitting in the loo: you can take a big shit, wipe your arse with a few sheets of foolscap (a name well-suited to your profession) and—hey presto!—that's another few hundred quid shoved into your bank account by the tax-dodging Guardian Media Group.
If it prompts them either to take in a lodger or to move into a smaller home in a lower tax band, so much the better.

This is a man who, I imagine, has railed against the Tories' "ethnic cleansing" of our cities through reducing Housing Benefit from levels that most taxpayers would describe as "obscene" to merely "disgusting"; he has most certainly drawn a parallel between the Coalition's dangerously modest spending cuts and the "shock doctrine" and Pinochet of Chile's tendency to "imprison, torture or kill anyone who dissented".

For someone like Moonbat—as for far too many lefties—any deviation from his desired lifestyle makes you evil.

People like George weep bitter tears over "the poor" only receiving a maximum of £400 per week in free rent, but ignore the ordinary people who—hammered by the heavy tax burden that pays for George's dreams—worry about being able to feed their own families from the fruit of their own labours.

People like George witter on about how "astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy", whilst ignoring the fact that not only is the internet not a democracy but a collection of individuals expressing themselves—a model of a libertarian society, if you like.

Indeed, whilst fetishising democracy, people like George will whine about oppressed minorities but ignore the fact that democracy, as practised today, is a system the very foundation of which is the legitimisation of the majority's oppression of the minority.

People like George are, not to put too fine a point on it, evil.

And now, George has decided that you don't own your house—despite the fact that you have paid for it. No, your home is "common stock", a resource to society: it is an asset that highly-paid, bien-pensant hypocrites like George should be able to appropriate and dispose of as they see fit.

In short, we have seen the truly dark side of the Moonbat—and it's called "communism".


Anonymous said...

Monbiot's in a perfect position to practice what he preaches without the need for state intervention. He could get in some lodgers or move to a one bedroom bedsit (donating all the extra money to his beloved state). Or he could open his "common stock" house as a commune to be shared by anyone and everyone.

sconzey said...

That's the thing. When Monbiot or any other leftist uses the word "Democracy," they're using it in the same way one might use "Beauty" or "Love;" they're most definitely not referring to the literal sense of majority rule, but to the policies of "liberal democracy;" the welfare state, universal healthcare, social justice etc.

Contrast their approving use of "democratic" with their pejorative use of "populist," their approval of the intellectual class, the public universities and "responsible" journalism. The leftist ideal is for all men to have the vote and to vote as they are told.

Ian E said...

I am truly saddened to hear that Monbiot is now divorced. It makes me think of all the years his ex-wife must have had to put up with his smug Monbyism!

andrew hammerschmiedt said...

To be fair to me - I identified that George's argument is straightforward communism by tweeting Greens = communists in an @edwestonline comment yesterday morning.

Caroline Lucas would be proud.

Giolla Decair said...

"George is not planning to force you to fill your house to capacity—yet."

Actually in the earlier version of his post he was, see here for a screen shot:
That bit got removed at some point tough.

Anonymous said...

If you like that, you should take a listen to The World Tonight, last night (Tuesday, January 4).

There was a barking mad woman from the New Economic Foundation on. She was talking about — get this — sharing everyone's jobs out. Apparently, what we need to do is put all the jobs into a great big pile and share them out evenly between everyone. Because, apparently, the real purpose of jobs is not to make things that people need or want, or provide goods, services, progress or intellectual advancement, the real purpose of jobs is to keep people busy.

Yes, it was a surprise to me.

Utterly, utterly, utterly barking mad.

There's a superb bit where she speaks to a factory owner. The man is utterly charming and incredibly patient as he tries to explain to her how this might affect things in what we commonly referred to as ‘the real world’.

She just doesn't get it.

The best of it is that even though the idea is almost completely insane she manages to make it even insane. Instead of sharing the hours, and the wages out between people, she believes that is the people sharing the jobs (even when they only do half the work) should be paid more than half the money.


Felix said...

He's back all right - brilliant post. Gave me a great grin after reading - something I have missed for too long!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I encountered this "common resource" pish while debating with a leftie at Uni, many years ago.

When I left the bar, it being a cold night, I took his overcoat.

You should have heard the whining; clearly those "common resources" didn't extend to his property.

I don't suppose they extend to Moonbat's house, either. Only yours.

Jack Savage said...

You have missed the point.
Monbiot's article has only appeared BECAUSE HE NOW HAS LODGERS!
Doubtless the divorce settlement has something to do with his financial plight.
Now he has to share his house....he thinks we all ought to share ours!

Steven_L said...

Imagine lodging with Moonbat!

I'd say residential planning permission is a 'common resource' however and advocate a system whereby it was simply auctioned off, maybe even made tradeable.

NIMBYism = protectionism!

stevie said...

God I hate livin in this turdhole. Why do we put up with all this drivel? Bloody commies.

jE£ROY lENKINS said...

oh DK we've missed you so much. all of your posts since you've returned have been bang on the money. keep fighting the libertarian fight for us.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

Great post, DK.

So much wrong in his article it's hard to know where to begin. I just looked at the language.

John Whitley said...

Hmm... Hard as it is for a Leftist like myself to get down 'n' dirty at this place I thought it was necessary to clear up an issue:

George Cunting Monbiot is not a communist. He's a cock-sucking, goat-felching, clit-licking, arse-munching, donkey-fellating, steaming cunt who wipes and eats his own cunt with lashings of extra cunt because he is a cunt... but he's not a communist.

He's just a cunt. I do hope I've cleared up that little misunderstanding.

Oh, and guess what else? I think his idea is complete load of cockbollocks in every sense of the word. I think land should be freed, the greenbelt should be scrapped and planning permission should go the way of the dinosaurs. And people should be allowed to build their own homes where they like, with a due respect for their closest neighbours of course.

Now how's that for a bit of Left wing thinking you weren't expecting?

I'm off now to wash my hands...

Suboptimal Planet said...

If you haven't already seen it, look up "The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy", by David J. C. Shearman and Joseph Wayne Smith. Scary stuff.

H/T hauntingthelibrary.

Anonymous said...

This is the most likely source for Monbiot's ideas about 'common stock'. All roads really do lead to Rome.

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