Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sound The Last Post...?

My last post notwithstanding, your humble Devil finds himself unable to comment on anything at present.

I simply don't have the will or inclination to write, or even care, about politics at the moment. And even if I did express myself in terms which would lead to some catharsis, I would probably find myself in court.*

In many ways, Al-Jahom has expressed my current feelings rather eloquently.
So what’s changed? Why the quiet? Wither the fury?

Well, rage, anger and fury spring from the tiny hope that things can get better.

And so these vigorous emotions have given way to abject despair. You can see for yourself in the archives that the cynic in me never really expected things to be any different under the new lot. But I had to hope that the end of the Blair/Brown era would be a watershed.

And now what hope there was, however silly it might have been, is all but extinguished.

Nothing has changed. Nor will it.

The Labour monster was cast out and the dying hydra’s heads are snapping at each other furiously. It’s an amusing sideshow, but it’s of little consequence.

I’m not expecting the burden of taxation to ever be reduced in real terms. We have already been shown what we suspected – that Cameron’s pledges on the EU are meaningless, because Lisbon trumps the need for further legislation or treaty changes. The lights will still be going out before the end of this parliament, thanks to the influence of the Lib Dems on energy policy. I don’t expect to walk into a pub where I can smoke ever again. I don’t expect the police to be reformed for the better. I don’t expect the CPS to be taken in hand. I don’t expect family justice, or the judicial and punitive bias against men to improve. I don’t expect appeasement of radical Islam to decline. I don’t expect the transport system to improve; overcrowding, no new roads, vainglorious rail projects, hellish airports, spiralling costs, penalties and delays.

And a million Prima Donnas are crying about some marginal cuts to their pet projects?

So you see, *sigh*… What’s the fucking point?


I want to stress that I am not a Tory, not—god forbid—a LibDem. I don't agree with most of the stuff that they are doing (or not doing): and in those areas in which I agree with in principle, I disagree with the way in which they are executing them.

I started blogging almost six years ago now: it's a long time in which to keep on writing about the same frustrations. But there were a couple of things that kept me going.
  • The first was the political and philosophical journey that was developing. I started off, roughly, as a Tory who disagreed with some Tory policies and actions; sometimes, what I read—on blogs, not in the MSM—made me reassess my allegiances, and to rethink my position on a number of things. And as I became exposed to more economic and political theory, I started to understand that there was a vocabulary for the things that I believed.

    This vocabulary belonged to a philosophy called "libertarianism"; it was a philosophy of hope, of faith in human nature, and a method that outlined how an individual's great potential might be realised. And it was a philosophical and political structure that I believed—believe—in utterly.

    That journey that I made, however, has stopped. I am a libertarian, and I will be a believer in libertarianism until I die. As Steve Baker MP said at the Libertarian Alliance Conference a couple of weeks ago (and I admit, I may paraphrase slightly), "we are The Good Guys. We are the only ones who do not believe in coercing people to live their lives as we deem fit."

  • The second reason to keep blogging was that there was some hope of change in the near(ish) future. Now, we have seen that change, and it is no change at all.

    We are ruled by same loathsome, lying, corrupt, venal bastards rule over us: they are simply wearing slightly different novelty masks. Indeed, the simple fact that I must write the words "we are ruled" is sign enough that nothing has changed.

    We are in for another five years of the same "dreadful, overbearing and untrustworthy" government as we have had for the past thirteen. And then? Well, either these same awful people will be returned to power or the Other Lot of awful shit-bags—the ones that we've only just got rid of—will be brought in instead. Again.

    And no matter which bunch of bastards we are forced to elect to Parliament will make little difference: the state will continue expanding, we will continue to pay more tax, society will become more atomised and dangerous, business will become more difficult, civil liberties will be removed, everyday pleasures will be ever more circumscribed and punished and our lives will continue to be a little bit harder and more miserable with every year that passes.

There seems to be little point in railing about anything because, with the politicians in power, nothing ever changes—no matter what the colour of the government's tie.

Take the whole Climate Change thing; we, the sceptics, are winning the scientific argument. The ClimateGate exposure of the shitty code and the dirty tricks employed by climate scientists sent waves around the world; now, the IPCC is threatened and the people, in general, believe that they have been deceived.

And yet the government carries merrily on, making our lives more expensive, curtaining energy and killing poor, brown people.

So what was the point—why did we bother fighting?

So, the main point is that I simply cannot bring myself to comment on the crap that is going on around us; I want to concentrate on making enough money to ensure that myself and my wife can, at the last, escape all of this shit. When the end of our great liberal civilisation finally comes, we can leave the stinking socialist hellhole that Britain is fast becoming.

Once I would have wished to take everyone with me, but the people of this country have shown that they don't care about freedom, they don't care about liberty—they would rather have their cotton wool prison. So now my considered opinion is, "you wanted this—you can go fuck yourselves."

Now, I'll admit that I have suffered from blog fatigue before and I have even previously announced my retirement. I will even admit that I found that doing so—being released from the need to write—actually returned to me the desire to do so. And it may be the same this time too.

But, the way I am feeling at present, it is looking a little unlikely.

I won't say that I am retiring, or that The Kitchen (or The Knife) is dead—as before, I may prove myself wrong. But what I will say is that—right now, at this moment—I feel no desire to write, and cannot see that desire returning. But, as I keep saying, it might do (do keep me on your Feedreaders).

Until that time—should it come—good luck to you all.

Ave atque vale.

* To be fair to Polly Toynbee (god, how I hate to write those words), despite the many brickbats thrown her way, she has never acted in the petty, vicious, pusillanimous way that the evil Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has done. So all credit to Pol.**

** I feel dirty just writing that sentence.


Bill Sticker said...

Frater ave atque vale.

But perhaps that is too final a sentiment. Perhaps insquequo melior dies would be a better expression of the sentiment.

Pardon my bad Latin.

From one who has already made his leap of faith.

Nightwatchstate said...

I hates the British Statists
This Parliamentry too
I hates the politicians
And all the shams they do
I hates the Dirty Minsters
With all their brags and fuss
Them lyin' theivin' statists
I hates them wuss' and wuss'.

I hates the Parliamentrys an' everythin' they do
I hates the statute book of lies and sick rules too
I hates the Untied Kingdom, its flag dragged through the mud
By them blackhearted commissars
I fit 'em all I cud.'

I followed the Libertarians
For four year near about
My heart broke in many pieces
When noone heed our shout
I cutched' the black dog despair
Of bein' shunned by countrymen
But I stood for what was right an' true
Our freedom I defend.

646 parliamentrys is sittin' in their halls
646 dirty liars, playin' all of us for fools
They feed of all our tax blood
With jackboots an' our fear
I wish'd I cud fight agin' em
Instead of shedding tears.

I can't take up my rifle
Cos they took it away
But we'll stand as honest freeman
If not now then someday
And I don't want no pardon
For what I was an' am
I hates this evil taxfarm
And I don't give a damn.

AMcGuinn said...

When I first went along to LPUK meetings I was encouraged by the fact that everyone else there was in their twenties. I have since undergone my own disillusionment, and now wonder if democratic libertarianism involves an element of wishful thinking that one grows out of.

sceptical sheep said...

'Democratic libertarianism'? No such thing!

Democracy can never bring about individual liberty.

Why give any of those thieving bastard politicians your vote, when you *know* nothing will change?

Have some pride, and just walk away. :)

Anonymous said...

I have gone through a similar journey to you, the main difference was that I had this blog to help me get there.

Thank you and good luck.

Ian E said...

The true depth of the Despair is that there seems to be nowhere any better to which to migrate! Utopia - hah, it's now spelt EUtopia!

john in cheshire said...

I think a lot of us share your sense of despair. And I too have seriously considered emigration to somewhere more civilised. However, there are two obstacles : family commitments for at least another 6 years and where to go. It seems to me that the current socialist dystopia is affecting all of the countries that I would consider as a second home (assuming they'd have me of course). I hope to keep reading your thoughts, even if not as frequently as before.

lenty said...

Well good luck with future endeavours then, it has been fun reading you over the past 3 years or so. You might have given up hope in the realm of politics but you have made some small influence at least: yours was one of the first libertarian views I came across and exposed 18 year old me to views which have led to my current political outlook today. So thanks for that.

However, I don't think you can clam that skeptics are winning the climate change debate. Highlighting severe methodological flaws - yes. Showing that climate change isn't anywhere near as bad as suggested - yes. Highlighting that even if climate change were true, the best way to deal with it would not be to squash freedom. But that's not the same as showing the Earth isn't warming in the region of 0.5oC or that carbon dioxide doesn't increase acidity.

Clarissa said...

I've thought about emigrating in the past myself but I struggle to think of places in the developed world that don't suffer from the same problems to a greater or lesser degree.

Switzerland perhaps but then I run into my other problem - my utter inability with language.

Witterings From Witney said...

Sorry to read this Chris, but do understand. I may not comment much, but always read your output and it will be sorely missed.

Family must come first, however let us all hope that you can find the time for just a word or two now and again.

All the best to you and your wife.


Mr Eugenides said...

Au revoir, Devil. You were the first, and the best.

But not, I suspect, adieu...

Not a sheep said...

I thought it was just me that felt like this, actually I knew it wasn't. I too thought that getting the evil of Blair, Brown, Mandelson etc. out of power would be 'a good thing' and indeed it was. The trouble is the country has been so screwed by the last Labour government that no incoming Conservative government could really have achieved that much even if they really wanted to. Labour almost managed to build a large enough client state that they could keep their horrible, hateful hands on power, as it was the Conservatives couldn't quite climb the electoral mountain created by Labour and so find themselves governing in a Con/LibDem coalition. For liberal Tories like David Cameron this is no great issue but for those who want to see real change in this country it is a massive problem.

On matters pertaining to the EU, economic & social reform, immigration, 'climate change', countering radical Islam etc. there will be no major change and there needs to be.

I started talking to friends and family about the need to leave this country around ten years ago, the writing was on the wall. However I am partly a coward and partly a patriot so I stayed to fight for what is right. What was right then was getting rid of the evil Labour government, what is right now... I am not so sure.

I have never blogged harder than I have over the last year but I too am not sure if I have the enthusiasm any more. Mine was never a 'Conservative' blog, it was more an anti-Labour and associated evils blog. Maybe it is easier to rail against things than to create a better world but then maybe it is too late to create utopia, or at least something better than what we have. Either way, in recent months I have found my enthusiasm for blogging diminishing and the types of blog posts has changed. There is much much more about Israel and Islam and much less about UK politics. I have started posting many more lighter posts of interest just because I need to feel enthused about something.

The future?

the a&e charge nurse said...

I know most of us would like to fashion the world in our own likeness but are you really saying that true happiness can only be found once our cities are populated by libertarians as far as the eye can see?

I mean isn't life already as good as it has ever been - if we equate the good life with things that most take for granted nowadays: free education, free health (at the point of delivery), an endless supply of gadgets and TV channels not to mention a mind boggling array of drugs which have permeated every strata of society?

You have a beautiful wife and a keen mind why on earth does it matter if this lot of managers are no better than the last - leave projects for world salvation to spotty students, once the dope wears off they'll soon learn which side their breads buttered?

Mr Ecks said...

For Christ's sake DK, grow a pair.

What the hell did you think?. Did you think that the wicked and the evil of the Earth, having plagued mankind for 10,000 years since the rise of agriculture were going to say "Oh no! Bloggers are on the job. Lets pack our tents and leave town"?

Are you telling us that your only hope for the future was that an obviously lying, EU-sucking, plastic-faced twat who brazenly declared himself as Bliar's heir would not turn out to be exactly the scum that anyone with half an eye could see he was all along?You, who were among the first sharp-eyed enough to spot and declare Brown as a mentalist, long before he stole the post of PM.
And now that the non-existant hope that the Tories would not be a shower of shite turns out to be (shock-horror) false, you are going to quit?

How would all the Marxist scum who set out to destroy this country have fared if they had given up in despair after 4 or 5 years?. The vermin kept at it, year after year, decade after decade, one generation of red shite pushing out the turds who would become the next. And here we are. A nearly ruined country as they have always wanted. They got their way in the end despite everything.

The apathy of others is exactly how the political filth have got where they are.

At this rate I will have to start my own blog( I am useless with computers despite having attended endless poxy evening classes).

Now is not the time to quit. Sure we can't overthrow the bastards from within just yet, neither could the reds. However, titanic economic forces are at work. It is not possible to meddle in the economy and steal and dictate on the scale the worlds morons have done without dire consequences which are on their way. Things can turn on a sixpence and we need all hands on deck.
Despite my hectoring tone I have the highest respect for your insight and rhetoric. Don't give up the ship.

Word verification:PONSIT Ha Ha

Not a sheep said...

That last comment of mine was self-obsessed, self-pitying and not worthy of the people who died fighting for what is right. Think of the bravery that that must have taken and wonder where they found the courage.

If your blog enthuses just one person to stand up and fight against the tide of evil and apathy that has overtaken this country then is it not worth your while?

JuliaM said...

Oh, dear. Another good blog falls off the radar. But you can't force yourself to blog, and if there's nothing to say, then say nothing, until such time as you do have something to say.

A period of absence, of time with friends & family, of work, and you'll either be refreshed, or realise that you already have all you need to be content.

Thanks for all the excellent, insightful, amusing, annoying, hilarious, sad, wrong and absolutely-spot-on posts you've gifted to us over the last six years.

Whatever your decision and direction now, I wish you well.

andy janes said...

Sorry to hear this, hopefully see you at some LPUK events in the near future.

All the best,

Blue Eyes said...

"you wanted this—you can go fuck yourselves."

I feel like that a lot.

I hope you don't give up blogging completely.

Led said...

Ienty, without wishing to bludgeon the CO2 debate to death again. The UN does not say that about temperature rises.

Reading carefully, it merely says that they are 90% certain the planet rose temperature 0.3°C over 100 years due to CO2. Subject to terms and conditions, based on modelling which shows wild variations in outcome. Whilst completely ignoring the effect of increased water vapour which is the primary greenhouse gas.

The evidence they show would be professionally described as "statistically insignificant". But such language and frivolous technicalities cannot get in the way of PR.

Westerlyman said...

Time to understand, as Mr Ecks has said, that this was never a battle that would be won quickly. (Actually it can never be won 'The tree of freedom etc...')

The statist mindset has been developing since the first world war. 100 years of socialist lies, misrepresentation and propaganda. Did you really think that things could be turned round so quickly?

You are suffering from battle fatigue which is not surprising given your incredible output over the last 6 years. You have done your tour of duty. Have a rest and, if you feel like it later, have another go.

As to escape from this island, there is nothing wrong with it. My wife and I have been working on our escape plan for some years now and hope to depart by June 2015. It is not desertion. The idea of a free country is a concept you hold in your heart. A political (and economic) exile can return when there is more chance of making a difference.

Eventually I believe that things will get so wretched in the UK - worse than we lived through in the 70's - that the majority of opinion makers (and they are the only ones that matter 98% of the population being utter sheep) that there will be an 'enlightenment'. However I do not expect this to happen quickly. We can hopefully, see the start with Delingpole and Durkin and other credible mainstream commentators. Also the more the Guardianistas rail against the blogosphere, the more they show they are worried.

Have a rest Devil, you deserve one, but do not give up hope. I first voted in 1979 and went through my depression around the time John Major became PM. But we have come a long way. Relax and take the longer view, it is less stressful and less draining.

Dick Puddlecote said...

First class comments here. :)

I understand your fatigue, DK, and have felt the same myself at times. Occasionally the constant stream of statist fuckwittery we are bombarded with, coupled with a populace who either don't recognise it as such, or - more sinister - don't care, can wear one down. In quiet moments, I've thought the only way round it is to keep one's head down, lock your life from the outside world and stick to making sure one's family can live as free as possible, and no more. But they'll get to us all in the end unless an opposing message is relentlessly promoted.

As Mr Ecks said, the almost endemic political socialism we now see took decades to build. The education system is only now riddled with lefties because they stuck at it, likewise the BBC.

Yours was the first blog I read with any regularity when I started worrying about how our country was developing. Up till about 5 years ago, I just assumed that everyone valued liberty and wanted to be free. It came as a shock that others would just shrug their shoulders or laugh at authoritarian moves by the state, without seeing how menacing it all was. It was such a relief to find that there are some who haven't yet been subsumed by the propaganda and lies, plus you were (and are) damn entertaining with it.

Take a break by all means, your reasoning is perfectly understandable, but as others have said, please don't just throw in the towel entirely when there are occasional signs that the message is starting to permeate more widely.

There's plenty more still to be done. :)

Derek said...

"You wanted this . . ." etc. well no, I'm sure I, yourself, and all who read the various blogs did not want what we have, and we would change it if we could. The problem is - we seek to change a system scores of years in the making and backed by powers great in wealth and influence. If voting really changed anything it would be banned, but the growth of dissent with the system as it is, and has been for so long, is only just beginning to surge. The seeds that have been sown through free speech over the internet and the personal blogs written with scathing wit and intelligence are the very nourishment they need to grow.

There was never any doubt in my mind that removing one political party from office and replacing it with another would change anything. False hope. The system needs disbanding, government and the public sector need such serious downsizing that they will never be in the future what they currently have become. We do not need their services/taxation systems, their offices of import, and their self serving members. Changing that is not done overnight, not by demonstrations, and not by voting. Neither will it be accomplished by any one generation alone, some of the most adamant wishing for change are of those in later years as they can see with a certain amount of hindsight based upon experience of the past where things are going wrong today if they have been seen to have been tried before and failed.

We have a long way to go, and the various blogs that uncover, disect, and skewer the perpetrators of treason against the common man - are our only weapons. When all appears lost is when one is needed most. When the strength from within falters - not fails - there may be time to re-group and re-think. The desire for rights and prosperity to return must never fail, and will never fail as long as individual people speak their minds and share.

Keyboard campaigners, couch critics, we can all be these things, but it is the shared knowledge that builds a belief system that once taken root - once it is realised one is not alone in ones thoughts of "you couldn't make it up" laws and politics breathtaking in their stupidity, naivety and conspiracy - there comes an uprising of such emotion that you could cut it with a knife, just as the new generations seek and watch those who march in respect past the Cenotaphs of this land.

Take a break, but don't be lost to sight. Blogs are like Poppies, they flourish in turmoil - and persist.

Wear it with pride.

Autonomous Mind said...

Take a break Chris. We all get these feelings from time to time and after some weeks or months we venture back, energised and exercised about the anti democratic nature of what is around us.

For people like us silence is not an option. Instead of turning away we should be seeking to increase our influence and help others wake up to what is happening in this country.

Hope to see you back and filleting in the not too distant future.

Dabble said...

I hope that you are merely "resting" and that you will return - as you have a gift for writing interesting posts that both inform and amuse. I have been reading your blog since the earliest days and shared many of your views and opinions. It is always sad when a "must-read" blogger retires and I'd put you in company such as The Daily Ablution, The Diplomad and Mr Eugendides - all sorely missed.
As others have said - I think you will be back, possibly sooner than you think. In the meantime it just might spur some of us to start our own blogs to build on your good work.

indigomyth said...

Just wanted to say that I hope that you return at some point. It was you that first introduced me to libertarianism, which resulted in me joining LPUK, and supporting libertarian causes.

Not much comfort perhaps, but hopefully other people will have been similarly affected?

Good night and good luck.

Katabasis said...

It will be sad to see you, one of the heroes of the Libertarian blogosphere, go. If that is what is best for you then I wish you every happiness.

I'm reading this blog on Remembrance Sunday. I share your frustration with a great many people. And yet - a lot of people have still managed to surprise me in a good way. Hope may be dim at the moment, which is why it is so important that we take what little there is to our hearts to protect and kindle the flame.

Today on Remembrance Sunday, and every day since Armistice Day on Thursday, I have been thinking back to my grandparents and great grand parents, as I do every year. I raise a toast and shed a tear for all of them.

I have been thinking of the perpetual terror that must have been their lives during the two wars. I think about what they went through, the sacrifices they made and the tear jerking courage that they all showed in the face of what must have seemed certain defeat, and yet they still fought.

They were magnificient.

And I think - if they can do it. I can do it.

Ed P said...

The many encouraging comments above demonstrate the high regard in which you are held. I hope the enthusiasm returns and you continue.
Although the dreadful Brown & gang are gone, with the risible replacements unfit for power (hopefully for decades), disappoinment with the reality of Cameron's lot is growing. This is surely the time for MORE Libertarian blogs, so it's a shame so many are faltering. My rage at the EU, state, Islamists, etc. is growing - if I could write well enough I'd start one! But meanwhile I hope you & others will carry on exposing the corrupt and highlighting the dire state we're in.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...


I joined the LPUK immediately after your appearance on TV earlier this year with Andrew Neil. Despite the warnings and the stacked deck, there was someone prepared to walk the walk rather than talk the talk and it was that display of courage that made me sign up.

The battle has only begun but it is clear that there are signs that the cracks are starting to appear and the word is spreading.

Please have a break but please, please, please come back when you are recharged.


BJ said...

Well, I've just turned up and you're all leaving.

But, good luck.

Your blog has blown a few cobwebs from my eyes, I shall miss you.

Steve Baker MP said...

You can't make me your mascot and then just shut down. It's too depressing.

I cannot give up now and nor can you.

Steve Baker MP

Anonymous said...

Just when the tide is starting to turn just slightly--just when the impetus needs to be sustained and increased- one of the best and most insightful cyclists stops pedaling.

God help us if the bike falls over.

Thank you for 6 years.

Davieboy said...

Thanks what what you've given us so far, and I hope there's more to come at some point. You're too good a writer to go to ground for ever.

Devil's Kitchen said...

To you all,

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I must say that every other time that I have announced a possible retirement, I have felt the urge to write almost immediately.

That is not the case this time.

However, I do have an idea for a little project and—who knows?—it might take off.


Witterings From Witney said...

Chris, Obviously no idea what "Le Petit Projet" might be, but if you thinking what I thinking.....Cud well be interested.

Hexe Froschbein said...

See you back soon!

Woman on a Raft said...

Thanks anyway for the expositions; you are underestimating how important your filleting of climate change material is.

I don't think anyone can be expected to write at this level, unpaid, indefinitely. Plus, people who are as independent as possible stand more chance of being able to speak out in the future.

Trooper Thompson said...

I fear this may be lost on many of you, but it comes from Richard Overton, chiding the downcast levellers after the mutiny was crushed at Burford (and elsewhere Trooper William Thompson took his final stand), and our radical ancestors faced the fact we know as 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'. So, take a break, dear Devil, apply yourself to pastures new, rest your voice in the chorus.

"Think you, that this unparallell'd tyranny, under this new name, more fierce and cruel then his fellows, trampling the residue under its feet, that it shall scape the vengeance of Gods wrath more than its Predecessors? no, no; Gods Motto is Semper Idem. Be not therefore dismayed or daunted at the height and magnificence of this insolent faction, the new sons of Perdition, that are set up to deceive if it were possible the very Elect.

It is your own evill and weaknesse, and of those that are Professors and pretenders to the same principles with you, that our Cause is thus under a Cloud: would you all act together, all suffer together, all be as one; and not thus (as some amongst you Commonally use) hang back in the adversity, and be seen in the Van of Prosperity (not daring when the storme rageth, to peep into the tempest for fear of being blowne away) we should not be at this passe with our Cause."

Anonymous said...

You have been instrumental in my eyes being opened to the lying, thieving, political filth, which surrounds us all. You and others like you have helped me to analyse, dissect and then to understand, the true nature of the state prison being built to ensnare every one of us.
Like you, at times I have despaired of there ever being a change for the better and like you I am particularly revolted by the arrival of PR Man.
However, unlike you, I do see a change. I see that the more perceptive of the sheeple sense the danger lurking here and in EUland. Many of them have already left, or are in the process of leaving. Yet more, looking in from outside, are taking the decision not to enter this devastated, state scarred and entrepeneurally poisonous land. The bulk of the sheeple will soon begin to notice the departure of their meal tickets and the more meal tickets who depart or stay away, the more frightened and unstable the sheeple will become. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time to redouble your efforts. Now is the time your blogging can really affect the outcome. You are giving the sheeple an alternative view, more especially, a view which the self-serving, lazy, bought and paid for MSM and the "politically corrupt" BBC will never provide.
For how many fruitless years did WSC warn of the danger facing the nation? Like him, you are correct in your appraisal of the dangers facing us, moreover you have an exceptional ability to present that appraisal to the sheeple in words and language they readily understand. So don't lose your focus or belief, go have a rest, recharge your batteries, sharpen your filleting knife and come back ready to pick up the fight. That fight will first be fought via the internet on the "parliamentary beaches". If the sheeple are to be guided safely onto the "sunlit uplands" you and your libertarian peers must be in the vanguard, now "your country needs you".

IanPJ said...

"illegitimi non carborundum"

Someday, and only you will know when, I feel you will return. Meanwhile may you and yours take the opportunity of just being yourselves. Enjoy.

Angry Teen said...

I really hope you're not permanantly leaving.

This was the very first libertarian blog I discovered, and by far the best. Your libertarian philosophy has challenged many of my previously held beliefs (if it wasn't for you, I might still be a lefty), and your outrageously sweary posts and death wishes have made my day many times—I have looked upon the gradual dying down of your swearing in utter despair.

Whatever you decide to do after this, I hope it involves spreading libertarianism and the philosophy of freedom – fuck knows the world needs more people like you.

Sam said...

I'm very much saddened by reading this. Your blog, more than any other, turned me onto Libertarianism and helped me define, refine and express how I feel to other people. Your blog has helped me win debates many times.

I've always felt you the most interesting, and certainly the most intelligent of the all the bloggers out there. With or without swearing you fired me up, I really hope you still occasionally write.

Will you leave this here as an archive of your posts?

tomsmith said...

all the best for the future and I hope you make lots of money..where on earth to escape to though? I can't think of anywhere.

Tachybaptus said...

Very sad to read this. I was a staunch Conservative voter till the election of Cameron forced me to abandon them. I even believed in global warming until that fat hypocrite Gore made his film and it became clear that we were being lied to, bullied, and forced to support a pointless billion-dollar industry. Now I have gone down the same road as you, but I am too old to emigrate now.

What can be done? Is there any point in joining the dismayingly tiny LPUK? I can't vote for the poor dears as they have no candidates of any kind anywhere near me.

Can we bribe you back with donations and words of encouragement for your good sense? Or will the last flames of hope be extinguished as an old, tired nation slumps into its grave?

I would like to do something before it's time to go to mine. Wish I could think of what.

'When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.'
Edmund Burke, _Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents_ (see )

Tachybaptus said...

Sorry, I see that this blog needs links to be fully written. The link to Burke is here.

libertarianroguetrooper said...

When the new overlords have plans to INCREASE public spending in 2015 by what it was in 2009 I don't think we can say they are better.

Stick around DK!

Andrew said...

"I want to concentrate on making enough money to ensure that myself and my wife can, at the last, escape all of this shit"

DK, I have come to exactly the same conclusion. I wish you well.

bootsy said...

In the same way that your articulate, funny and astonishingly rude (in a good way) articles managed to get to the heart of the matter on a variety of subjects, so to has this post.
I could never articulate in a better way what you have described-the urge to just give up, and to make sure that your nearest and dearest are provided for, rather than focussing energy on people who just don't care either way (unless you went on X Factor).

I think I might memorise what you say here:
" * And no matter which bunch of bastards we are forced to elect to Parliament will make little difference: the state will continue expanding, we will continue to pay more tax, society will become more atomised and dangerous, business will become more difficult, civil liberties will be removed, everyday pleasures will be ever more circumscribed and punished and our lives will continue to be a little bit harder and more miserable with every year that passes.

There seems to be little point in railing about anything because, with the politicians in power, nothing ever changes—no matter what the colour of the government's tie."

Anonymous said...

Like many commmenters on here, I too found libertarianism (or rather it codified what I always thought I believed) through your blog. Your writing style and wit made what could be a dry and boring subject engaging and easy to understand. Each and every post you have written shines a libertarian light on the problems we face in this country, and this has helped many of us to see the world through this lens.

There's even a former lefty commenting above admitting they've seen the light by reading your blog! That in itself, is a considerable achievement!

I understand family commitments and the need to make money - and the need to rest. BUT, do not give up. As has been alluded to by others, what would have happened if some of the great radicals of past eras had given up the cause?

We are getting there. As you say, climate fraud (in its current form at any rate)is being exposed and quietly dropped - MSM is beginning to reflect this.

Channel 4 broadcasting a Polemic about the titanic scale of our debt and advocating a low tax economy in a prime time slot?

This is no time to give up! The bastards might not be on the ropes, but they've got a bloody nose! All the signs indicate that things economic are going to get a lot worse - and crises present radicals with opportunity.

Enjoy your R&R, then get your arse back in the trenches.

DavidC said...

The importance of your blog, and of others like it, is spreading the message. My half-formed and often half-baked ideas have advanced through blogs like yours. Doubtless many others have had a similar experience. If we could buy the Daily Libertarian at a newstand, nobody would give a flying fart about whether you wrote or not. But we can't, so don't take too long off. There's a lot of you on holiday at the moment. Anna Racoon, Obnoxio, the Greek, is this a Government plot?

Tom Paine said...

You will return, refreshed. You and your wife are young enough to hope to see a better world. Imagine what it takes to stay motivated when of an age to have no hope of seeing an end to the insane plundering that passes for our politics!

Enjoy your break. Mrs Paine and I will both miss your writing.

Suboptimal Planet said...

Sorry to see you go, DK, though I understand your reasons.

I've been blogging for a little over a year, and following your blog for closer to two years.

In that time, you played a significant role in my own journey to avowed libertarianism. You will be missed.

I hope you will return one day, refreshed, but either way, I wish you the best.

Haikutastic said...

You will be sorely, sorely missed. I have learned far more from blogs like this, than I ever could have from the MSM.
I wish you and your wife all the best! I do hope you return to blogging. We're all a little less informed, a little less witty, and a little less lucid in your absence.

Foxy Brown said...

I shall miss your exquisite use of the English language. All the best to you and the missus.

Ian R Thorpe said...

The political fight is a worthy but lost cause.

There is another however, not that I'm saying you should not take a break for as long as you like, we all deserve a break from time to time.
We must fight the creeping fascism of the technology corporations who are softly brainwashing people with the idea we will be better off if we stop thinking for ourselves and let machines like the Apple iPad make decisions for us.
I read an article on Telegraph Online this morning that was extolling the virtues of a new iPad app that will "help me discover new music" by pointing me towards similar stuff the the albums I bought most recently.

So when I bought Florence and the Machine a few weeks ago I got it wrong. I should have bought some more classical music.

The politicians work for these people.

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Understand fully mate, but you will be missed.

thespecialone said...

I do wish that somebody can organise a massive demonstration on the lines of 'Make Britain Great Again' or 'Give Us Back Our Country'. Unfortunately I personally cannot due to the lack of time (still work full-time) and because of my job I cannot appear to be political.

I will admit I am a Tory brought up on a sink estate. I despair at Cameron who caves in to the EU and wants to cut war widows pensions. That is the same for the whole of the Tory Cabinet. I will not be voting Tory at the next election and to be honest, right now, I would probably vote for UKIP. I served my country in the navy for almost 30 years and I wonder other than having a great career whether it was worth it. Lost 2 mates in the Falklands too.
Please just take a break and then continue the fight.

CityUnslicker said...

Make some money and buy yourself the freedom you need; You know it makes sense.

I note many of those who inspired me to start a blog are giving up; as much as the Tories getting elected has taken the steam our of things I also must make passing mention that this blogging thing does not make anyone any real money - to stick at it for no financial reward is quite hard/

See you soon

Englishman (still) Abroad.......although the ship is clearly sinking said...

You made me think, you opened my eyes and you made me laugh.

What more could I ever ask?

I wish you the very best.

Epictetus said...

I only discovered that there are people of a like mind to my own through your blog and a few others.
Quitting, however honourably, is not the answer.
"But Westward, look the land is bright."
Steady in the ranks. Return to your post.

Aethelred said...

Never say never, though I don't blame you for not feeling like it.

It's the time of year and the associated weather, it's the economy, it's the strikes and demos.

That's not to say I'm going easy on the coalition.

It's also the continued increase in fuel tax at a time we are all being squeezed financially.

Ditto the coming VAT increase that Dave "had no plans" to introduce - in the same way that Gordon (the Twat) had no plans to increase NICs.

It's the 20,000 Indians per year Dave is going to let come in and take British jobs at the time of maximum unemployment.

It's the politicised civil servants Dave is sneaking into Whitehall by the back door.

It's the increased taxes and the decreased quantity and quality of services we are getting for our money. This however is at least understandable.

Still plenty to write about DK, though I know you know this. The coalition are not the same as Gordon et al., they're fucking things up in their own way.

Soon you will brighter and ready to take up arms again.

One thing: Stay positive, and if it doesn't come naturally, force it. In the end, it makes all the difference.

berenike said...

Drat. Well, have a good life. Don't stay stranded on the sand bank of libertarianism.

R said...

What a shame Chris, I'll miss your musings. DK has been part of my daily routine for 4 or 5 years. It's almost like losing a friend. Hopefully you'll be back. If not, thanks for the memories, lots of laughs and thought provoking diatribes.
All the best to you and Godspeed.

The Filthy Smoker said...

Oh fuck.

Best blogger ever.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry that you have had enough DK. I can understand ennui. I can understand that sometimes we get frustrated because nothing seems to change.

I have been blogging for over six years now, and have had to take breaks, mainly because it is exhausting and also because most of us have lives to live.


There still is a USP for blogs like yours and mine, and it is this: The mainstream media have given up reporting what is really going on. Or if they do report it, it is reported with deceit. What I am increasingly doing is not simply responding to the sound and fury, but looking around elsewhere to see if there is an alternative narrative, one that is more coruscating and truthful.

You know as well as I do that part of controlling the agenda is to leave out inconvenient truths. What I think we can do, as bloggers, is to make sure those truths are not swept under the carpet.

It is ok to rant, but we are beyond ranting, as you imply. It gets us nowhere. We must move on, we must make the blogosphere come alive with stories the MSM won't touch.

There is, frankly, only one way to do this and it is to cultivate sources (take a leaf out of the enemy's book). I don't mean politicians or pressure groups, but people with a need to tell a story from the inside.

We need to make it clear that the story is not going to come out via the MSM and we need to be trustworthy and discreet - and be seen to be so.

Blogging is or should be the direct progeny of the Samizdat. The Samizdat flew in the face of the official narrative, but it came from people who were trusted and sincere and who were committed to change.

Like many things, the ruling elite, Iain Dale, Tom Harris, Nick Robinson et al have hijacked the term "blogger" and subverted the original intention.

It is time to win it back, not shrink away into the darkness.

Anonymous said...

Bye! You were good then you were good but now you're rubbish so now is a good time to go. Not 'out at the top' but 'out when at least you can stop the derision'.
It's a shame but you seem unable to see through the Socialist Hell that we've all endured and the difficult decisions that now need to be taken to cure the fuck ups.
try reading Margaret Thatcher's 1993 Autobiography. All this shit that we're now in is there in black & white. It cannot be denied that she has demonstrated, with hindsight, the best grip of 'what the fuck is the right thing to do' of our last 10 prime ministers.

Have a nice retirement. Give up trying to be serious and just come back effing and blinding.

It was much more effective.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Devil,

Should you ever decide on the path of salvation (even via Purgatory), you would be welcome.

Steve Perrett said...

Ah you old Devil! I await your return. Because some of us need your wit, sarcasm and scathing thruthisms. (?) But! I know how you feel. Sometimes, life can be a struggle. Still, there's always the pub eh?

Saint on the Right said...

Don't forget that an end to the EUSSR's influence is only ever an afternoon's voting in the House of Commons away. Also, don't forget that while you can still write, and we can still read the torch of personal liberty still burns. I was talking with a man tonight who was particularly concerned with presenting the most ignorant big-state and authoritarian solutions imaginable to the UK's problems. I engaged him in debate, presenting a few facts and arguments gleaned from this blog among others and do you know what he did? He turned away, unable to counter the critically rational. We've had a small win tonight. Keep going, as eventually small wins will turn into big ones.

Angry Exile said...

Can't blame you for your reasons though it's still a shame to see you go. However, don't go thinking that you and the other early libertarian bloggers achieved nothing. Reading these enabled me to finally put a label on what my political leanings were. I'd known for a long time that I was with the Tories on some things, with the LibDems on others and even with Labour on a few, yet there was something about all three that repelled me. I now know it's because I'm a libertarian, a term I'd heard before coming across the Kitchen and similar blogs but didn't really understand meant people like me who'd just like to have our few decades of existence without the fucking government telling us what to do with it. Thanks, DK. It didn't really change my views so much as affirm them and prompt me to find parties - LPUK in Britain and the Liberal Democrats here in Oz - that I can honestly support rather than vote for as the least disagreeable option.

Oh, and if you do go for good is there any chance of restoring the rest of the old Kitchen posts? I never did read them all and there was a lot of quality stuff in there.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Once again, thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments—and for reassuring me that it wasn't all in vain!

The Kitchen posts came out from behind their barrier a little while ago: you can find them at

At some point, I shall try to merge the two blogs back together.

A number of bits of news have made me want to rant and rave in the old style, but I simply couldn't do it here: the cathartic point of the blog (which was always the main point) has been lost.

I have no doubt that I shall return to blogging—even if The Devil does not. I rather fancy starting up, anonymously, and building up from scratch again.

In the meantime, thanks for all the kind words.



Anonymous said...

All the best DK.


assegai mike said...

Hey DK, thanks for your writing since I bookmarked you, three years ago or so, I reckon.

I too have become very dispirited with politics of late, largely for the same reasons of other posters: that the Tories turned out as bad, or worse, than expected. The plain ciggie pack "initiative" announced today just being their latest cuntishness. That, and our fellow citizens' willingness to go along with this bullshit.

Maybe like you I have decided to ignore them and busy myself with other things, in my case starting a history blog rather than a politics blog. Unfortunately ignoring them won't make them not go away. Ah well.

Good luck. I might stalk you for another beer and smokes meeting sometime.

John said...

The real war is just beginning.
What we have had so far is just the curtain raiser.

My feeling is that all reality requires is that it be simply presented. Liars have to fight because they are trying to maintain what is actually an untenable position/situation.
To get into fighting lies is an engagement trap of the enemy. You are then on his terms.
All we need to do is present reality which is of course already there, so what we do in fact, is just remind people of what they already know.

Best to you and may the truth win!
It has to, of course.

Favfly said...

You'll be missed, DK. I've enjoyed everything I've read here. It has enriched my understanding and deepened my abhorrence of the state.

Job done.

Take a bow, and put your feet up for a while. You've earned it. ;-)

FrankFisher said...

I know exactly what you mean. I haven't written anything sicne th eelction - I was waiting a while, to see if my worst fears would be realised, and they have been. So, like you, I thought, well whats' the fucking point? There is no point in shaping political debate because there really is no debate. No matter what is said, or who wins, the same statist shite previals. The EQUALITIES monster lumbers on, red in tooth and claw, and just plain Red.

However, this is not the end. We know we're on a terrible downward slope. At some point it wil be apparent to even the most ignorant and intentionally blinkered of our countrymen, that we are on that slope too. Some will welcome it - some will not. Some will wonder how they can fight it.

I figure, in the end Devil, you'll still be angry. And when the moment is right, you'll realise that there's only one fucking way in which anything ever changes, when you're fighting power, and you'll happily put down your keyboard and pick up something else.

Me... I'm coming around to the view that while I might not be able to bring about success, I may be able to hasten disaster. And as I've been saying for some years, only catastrophe can save us now.

dontgiveup said...

By contrast with some of the posters above who were converted by your blog, I have been a committed libertarian for many years. In a world of lazy group-think and received opinion, your blog has been an oasis of independent thinking, keen observation and philosophical sophistication. And plenty of swearing. I have particularly enjoyed the swearing. Your willingness to say it like it is, and use the only word to describe those politicians, technocrats, quangoids etc. who would steal our hard-won liberties. Cunts.

Those of us who aspire to reasonableness and individual freedom need blogs like this for all those depressing discussions down the pub or round the dinner table. We can't all be Socrates, but with blogs like this we can at least try.

Billll said...

Like you, mu blog is a place for me to rant and rave, and it is therapeutic, for a fact. You were one of my influences, and you'll be missed.

It took the socialists 100 years to dig us into this hole, and we certainly won't get out of it right away. The beast is much bigger than just some MP's or congressmen, and a president or PM. It shambles on, even with it's head cut off, and will continue to blindly amble forward until it's been reduced to butchers cuts in the market.

You think the left is crying over losing the PM? Wait until someone proposes abolishing the Department of Redundancy Department. Then the shrieks and wails of despair will be audible from across the pond. Then you will know you are winning.

Mad Pom said...

Hello Devil, at my lowest ebb I typed into Google "Tony Blair is a fucking cunt" and found you.
It was great to know that someone else had the exact same estimate of the loathsome toady, it cheered me up no end
Been fantastic to read your stuff and the links.
So thank you and keep well
P.S. if your thinking of pissing off to Oz don't bother. Same shit - different stars

Anonymous said...

Other people can take over.... for a while. Though I have had the same felling in the last year, I have just started a blog.

One or 2 more cold winters and mild summers, plus the economic recession WILL see the back of CAGW. There will be one windfar scandal, or carbon trading scandal or EU daftness, or maybe the lights willgou out because of the green energy gap...

It wil be swift and mecriless, ie the newspapers wil suddenly discover the CAGW delusion and clain it's uncovering as their own - lest they get cast down.

Well just to annoy a certain group of people 'the team'

I could not resist the name of my new blog...

Maybe Gavin, Eric and Ray should have been a bit nicer to me when I stopped by Realclimate and maybe the Guardian should stop pre-moderating me and deleting me.

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