Friday, October 08, 2010

Smash the system

Archbishop Cramner reports that Miss Snuffy has had to to down her blog; not only that, she has now been "sent home" by her school.

Why? What was her crime?

She spoke out at the Conservative Conference, repeating her blog themes about how the state education system fails the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society.

Naturally, this has gone down like a cup of cold sick with the Lefty scum who "run" our education system in general, and Snuffy's employers in particular.

This is a great pity.

Having had a few drinks with Katherine on a couple of occasions, I can testify to the fact that she is not only an intelligent and thoroughly nice person—she is also a dedicated and passionate teacher.

If something like this had happened in the private sector, I would urge everyone to boycott the company that she worked for until she was reinstated: unfortunately, people are unable to boycott the state schools to which they are assigned.

Which is just one reason why the free schools—and the choice, competition and, most importantly, improved standards that go with them—cannot come soon enough.


JuliaM said...

The bad publicity they are likely to get over this might well make them think twice...

Praguetory said...

These actions against Katharine are a rather good argument against anyone who suggests that the education establishment isn't riddled with Lefties. At conference we had NUT and NASUWT stands manned by unionists haranguing the government and yet a individual teacher who criticises the old regime in this way is punished. Shows where the power still lies I think

SimonF said...

It's worse, you can get sent to jail for boycotting your allocated state school.

Dioclese said...

So much for freedom of speech!

Anonymous said...

try emailing the headteacher and expressing your displeasure. I have already. If enough people do it they make start to pay attention.

Simon said...

As I put over at mine:

Time and time again I have argued that free speech is not a pic n mix, either everyone has it or no one has it.

The left-wing educational establishment freely allows its Marxists to criticise, threaten and cajole us all but as soon as one stands up and says the Emperor has no clothes, the principle of free speech goes out of the window.

Miss Snuffy was no longer "one of us" and had to be punished.

Michael Fowke said...

Who's Miss Snuffy?

Simon said...

Katherine's blog name when she wrote To miss with love.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Bless you, Mr Devil.

Long may your knife stay sharp.

Northampton Saint said...

Re instated according to the online version of the Telegraph

Phil Dickens said...

"the free schools cannot come soon enough"

I'd agree with you. Except you're not talking about genuine free schools of the model Francisco Ferrer developed in Spain or the basis for a genuinely libertarian education spearheaded by AS Neill at Summerhill. You're talking about the neo-liberal privatisation bollocks the Tories are offering up.

No freedom for real people, i.e. the pupils, just "liberty" for private authoritarians (of all manners, from corporations to religious wingnuts) to take the whip from state authoritarians. As ever.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

It's CraNMer, by the way.

Bless you.

Lola said...

Phil Dickens - generally agreed. De-nationalise the whole rotten structure of the state education monopoly and hand out vouchers.

Anonymous said...


Phil Dickens' blogs give the impression of a deeply ignorant, violent thug who describes himself as a 'libertarian communist'.

That should put his comments into some perspective.

orillia chris said...

And just how, to what depravity would one need to descend , to bring any English comprehensive school into disrepute? I was lucky, I went to the last grammar class starting in 66, I watched as the local secondary modern went comprehensive and with the influx of "brighter" pupils saw their O and A level results plummet, you can guess my old school dropped farther. The aim always was to dumb down the population, except the privelleged ( just look at socialists to see what that means) I have run away from the UK, to Canada and the state schools are little better but as luck would have it the Catholic school board still does that ild fashoned dull stuff like teaching and discipline, including school uniform . Good luck to this lady.

the a&e charge nurse said...

According to Frank Chalk Katherine Birbalsingh returned to work this morning - it appears her Head, Dr Irene Bishop is an ardent Labour supporter who appeared on stage once with Tony Blair.

The substantive concerns of KB are as follows (again taken from FC's blog)
*Lack of discipline is rife, because staff fear being labelled racist if they attempt to tackle bad behaviour by black pupils.
*Britain's state education system is an "international disgrace" which is incapable of reaching the "absurdly low" target of pupils achieving five grade Cs at GCSE.
*Mixed ability teaching, where bright students are taught alongside the less able, is "insane" because it means no pupils can receive the teaching they require.
*Ofsted's inspection criteria are so skewed and prescriptive, they can lead to great and inspirational teachers being labelled as underperforming.
*The fashion for "group teaching" in some schools prevents teachers setting out classroom desks in traditional rows, forcing them to be arranged in groups so pupils can work in pairs or teams.
*If you did not have chaos in our classrooms then everyone could get five Cs at GCSE. But instead we say 'It's not their fault – they come from a council estate, they're from a single parent family,' or 'They're black.'

I hear what she is saying but this does not match the experience of my children who have been taught in a total of x6 state schools or 6th forms, although I am sure her comments reflect her own experiences in other parts of London.

Unless there is a very good reason the vast majority of children should be reading, writing and have numeracy skills by the age of 7 and this can easily be achieved at home providing parents show sufficient interest - I think this has to be the first building block in any change to our educational system.

If parent's do NOT see this as their responsibility then perhaps they need to think very carefully about whether or not they are actually prepared to take on such a difficult role?

the a&e charge nurse said...

Just to add it is well known that 'whistleblowers' in the NHS are treated like lepers;

It looks like education is similarly prohibitive?

On the plus side this oppressive backdrop has been an important driver to many of our favourite bloggers (Dr Crippen, Frank Chalk, Inspector Gadget, et al).

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