Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quote of the Day...

... comes from Mark Littlewood's assessment of what was fundamentally wrong with the Coalition's spending review.
The Coalition seems to have accepted the basic parameters they inherited from the previous administration and sought to make savings within them rather than fundamentally recasting the way the public sector works.

Quite. And we aren't going to get very far with that kind of attitude.

Mind you, with Our New Coalition Overlords™ having approved NuLabour's plan to spy on our every single piece of communication, we'll probably not dare say so—for fear of falling foul of one of the control orders (which allow house arrest without trial) that The Coalition has also decided not to scrap.

So, Our New Coalition Overlords™ are not cutting government spending and they are not restoring our civil liberties either. How incredibly depressing.

Welcome to the New Politics: same as the old politics.


Gareth said...

They are also continuing to angle for a centralised deduction system for Pay As You Earn. That is the only way they can achieve "more real time information so that people can be reassured that they have paid the right amount of tax throughout the year." (Page 72 of the CSR)

They should not get our money before we do.

Sir Humphrey has got to them. Perhaps more so than previous Governments given none of the Ministers in particular can claim to have a mandate for manifesto (non)promises.

Anonymous said...

Keeping records of every phone call, email, text, skype renaging on privacy promises.........Centralised deduction......Just wait until the ID card deal resurfaces, (and it will) to keep us safe from terrorists. Time to jump a sinking ship guys.

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