Saturday, October 30, 2010

My staunchest ally bites the dummy

The rage is still there... Somewhere.

It is with a heavy heart that I report the demise of one of the finest swearbloggers—indeed, one of the finest bloggers—ever to stalk a Labour government.

Yes, it is true: Mr Eugenides is no more.
But what I don't have now is that same hate. The last administration filled me with disgust; the mere sight of my telly of a Charles Clarke, a John Reid, a—God forgive me for even typing the words!—Patricia Hewitt, sent me flying into almost uncontrollable loathing. And without fury, without rage, without spite, this blog is nothing, really—or at least, not what it was—because the way it's written, it is set up for polemic, not placid discussion.

In as far as I owe you anything, it is, I would say, not to confect outrage over things which don't really upset me, not to try and find hate where none exists. I'm in a more placid place, and I think that the country's got at least a fair chance of becoming a better place with that horrendous shower out in the cold; and that's as good a place as any to leave it.

For what it is worth, your humble Devil feels much the same. Unlike my peripatetic but impecunious Greek friend, however, I carry on because... Well, because I want to.

But it will be a less exciting, sweary and, yes, funny place without Mr Eugenides. And, take it from me, he is a funny man in real life—I have long missed those few nights when we met in Cloisters to get unbelievably, hideously pissed. But we all move on—me to London, the angry baby to places in the Far East.

But more than that—when your humble Devil first started his peculiar brand of enraged vitriol, there were a few who heartily joined in. We became almost a brotherhood—this band of swearbloggers* whose ranks have swelled over the last few years. It seems strange to contemplate that blogging was, generally, something of a geeky and, even, genteel past-time until we feckless, violent bastards invaded the political sphere.

Obviously, the rage cannot last—I am now the only one of us left, and I barely count as a swearblogger any more. All the others who were my colleagues and compatriots in the field of gratuitous insults, unnecessary death fantasies and incisive political swearing are all gone.

But Mr E also brought a professional debaters' rigour to the proceedings—much though we both enjoyed insulting Polly Toynbee, my impecunious Greek friend always, I felt, had the edge in terms of making a succinct and pertinent point (and the nailgun was genius).

I sincerely hope that you and I shall raise a glass (or many) together again in real life, Mr E. But, until that time, I shall bid farewell to my friend—impecunious and peripatetic—and one of the finest bloggers ever grace the shores of the internet.

Vale, Mr E! I hope that we—and, more specifically, I—have not seen the last of you**...

* A term coined, I'm perversely pleased to say, by your humble Devil...

** Given the progress of Our New Coalition Overlords™ so far, I give it six months...


Autonomous Mind said...

Mr E will leave a void in the blogosphere. His entertaining posts will be missed.

Unlike Mr E my motivation has been strengthened in recent weeks due to the disgust I feel at the Cameron Conservatives and their social democrat coalition.

People who voted Conservative ended up with Cameron instead. Holding this charlatan to account is extremely worthwhile.

The Disgruntled CC said...

looks like the internet is no longer safe

granted he's a prick, but it wont take long to slide down the slippery slope

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Have you all run off together....?

Obo...the lovely Trixy...Ranting Rab...Anna Raccoon...Mr Eugenides.....

What is going on?

At least Cranny is back...for a short while....

Leg-iron said...

A sad day.

I have decomposed a song for the occasion.

JuliaM said...

A sad day indeed...

Techno Mystic said...

Perhaps this represents a maturing of the medium?

I have tried and failed to write my own blog, but the fight is far from over and I'm in this for the long slog myself. Like Autonomous Mind, I am already disappointed with the current lot, but then I never had any faith in them in the first place.

It is not an end, it is a beginning...

Anonymous said...

oh so the coalition don't leave the blogsphere pissed off? Wtf ? Every time i hear vince cable's voice makes me shudder. These cunts are just the same as the last lot. If you can't see that then you are all a bunch of ass to mouth sucking, puke bukaki partying, penis dewdrop sniffing cunt stains

Techno Mystic said...

No need to be shy, anonymous, you're amongst friends here.

If you stand up to be counted, Humble Devil, I will be behind you, just don't fart in my face, OK?

Word verification: cunis. Honestly. Must be a cross between, well, you know.

Gawain Towler said...

Most frightfully sad, but I would agree. The visceral loathing felt for that previous crowd is one thing. But that must pale in some ways to the sharp pain of betrayal that so many are already beginning to feel about this latests crowd of interlopers.
Feel the rage surge gentlemen, feel it surge.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Perhaps someone could explain the difference between the last government and the new one.

They are pretty much the same.

I already loathe Scameron and that tosser Clegg.

microdave said...

As I suggested on his comments I don't think it will be too long before the new lot are as hated as the previous bunch...

In some ways it's even worse, since we were initially holding on to a (now misguided) belief that things would improve.

I remember being horrified when my local shopkeeper suggested "better the devil you know" shortly before the election. Maybe he wasn't so far wrong...

Very sad news, all the same.

Anonymous said...

"What is this feeling? So sudden and new?

I felt the moment, I laid eyes on you.

My pulse is rushing, my head is reeling, my face is flushing,

What is this feeling?

Fervid as a flame, Does it have a name?


Loathing! Unadulteraded loathing!

For your face, your voice, your clothing!

Let's just say, I loathe it all!

Every little trait however small,

Makes my very flesh begin to crawl.

Loathing! There's a strange exhilaration,

In such total detestation! It's so pure, it's so strong!

Though I do admit it came on fast, still I do believe that it can last!

And I will be loathing, loathing you my whole life long!"

RIP New Labour, I guess?

Colin Campbell said...

A very fine blogger. Better political coverage than the BBC.

permanentexpat said... said before, Raccoon, Obnoxio et al.
My list of bookmarked favourites diminishes by the day.
I do not doubt that one must have a triple Kevlar skin & more balls than a dozen Pachinko machines to survive as a blogger. My sorrow for those who have, to preserve their sanity, fled the scene....and my admiration for those tough enough to continue the fight.

Traction Man said...

I feel much the same way. Although this government is still incompetent I don't believe it is wilfully evil like the last lot. For that reason I find it much harder to blog. Goodbye, Mr Eugenides. Thanks.

Page With A View said...

Sad to see Mr E go, one of my favourite reads and last in a series of great blogs taking a (hopefully temporary) break, he'll be missed.

Personally I can't hate the coalition as much as Labour but realising that nothing has changed for the better (apart from the characters) causes a sense of battle fatigue.

Hopefully, such weary acceptance may eventually lead to another general revolt against the status quo of this new political elite, in the meantime DK do keep the flag flying.

Robert Edwards said...

It is a minor tragedy, but on the other hand, if Mr. E's rage is diminished, then it makes perfect sense for him to take a break.

But I'll miss him, for his concision and his wonderful turn of phrase. I really think he made an important contribution to the Libertarian cause.

Roger Thornhill said...

As mentioned, maybe discourse is evolving.

TW3 did not go on for ever. Spitting Image also.

Swearing at the pompous, interfering busybody Toynbee makes sense, but not with Cameron, really. He needs different weapons and alternative tactics to puncture his teflon carapace.

Personally, I see, right now, his duplicity over Europe to be a good start. Toynbee wants so much to be seen as being "good" "well meaning" and "nice", whereas Cameron appears to be more about the projection of honour, reputation, integrity. He has been lacking over the EU negotiations. A flank is now exposed. The right weapons for the right obstacles will need to be found IMHO.

Chalcedon said...

Bugger! Dropping like flies. At least Obo came back for a bit and promised more and the Raccoon is reportedly back. I shall morn the demise of the sear bloggers. such a pity. I feel this new lot are worthy of a good kicking now and again.

Castors said...

Obviously, the rage cannot last—I am now the only one of us left, and I barely count as a swearblogger any more.

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