Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murdoch is not a libertarian

According to the BBC...
Rupert Murdoch is a libertarian—against too much state control, and in favour of individuals taking responsibility.

For the record, I agree with everything that The Appalling Strangeness has to say on this—Murdoch may be an economic liberal but that is not the same as being a libertarian.

Economic liberalism is, in fact, only one half of the equation: a libertarian is also socially liberal and I have yet to see The Scum, for instance, backing the legalisation of drugs.

But worse than that—Murdoch is a corporatist. His rags back whichever party Murdoch thinks will enable his News Corporation to wield the most power. Further, he deliberately backs parties in a way that makes them grateful and thus more likely to serve his agenda.

In other words, Murdoch gains legal advantage for himself and his businesses through effectively buying the legislators—he is, as I have said, a corporatist.

And there is nothing libertarian about corporatism.


libertarianroguetrooper said...

Well said.
BBC are bloody useless, wish they had faced a bigger cut.

Friday Night Smoke said...

I suspect that this characterisation is NOT accidental, considering how much bile the average Beeb-fan reserves for Murdoch.
"The nasty man is a Libertarian! Thats what those bastards are like" sayeth the Beeb.

Blue Eyes said...

Err, The Sun is not Mr Murdoch's personal blog. Do you think he agrees with every editorial line in all his outlets? Or do you think he publishes what he thinks people will buy?

If The Sun is against legalisation of drugs it tells us nothing more than that Mr Murdoch's *customers* are not libertarians.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Murdoch wished to push a drug legalization agenda, he could easily hire writers who would do so; and the public would buy his papers. This is no longer a controversial "kiss of death" issue.

I don't know how the business is doing in the UK, but in the US of A, only two papers are increasing circulation numbers year over year; these are the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and the Orange County Register - both of which are much more libertarian than most.

Chris Edwards said...

As far as I remember, and I used to buy page 3 at the time, the Sun got blair elected, stopped buying it at that point, I gave up on the poor old place 3 years back and live in Canada now and Toronto just gabe the socialists a good beating, polling 46% of voters.

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