Friday, October 29, 2010

The Devil Abroad

Self-regarding? Moi...?

Your humble Devil is wandering around the country, summoning demons and spectres over the next few days.

However, if that cornucopia of evil delight doesn't appeal, both I and my lovely wife shall be attending the Libertarian Alliance Conference 2010 over the weekend.

Further, I shall be speaking at Warwick University on the 3rd of November, and at York University on the 4th of November. The theme of the former will be libertarianism over the last couple of centuries, and in the latter I shall be dwelling upon the progress of Our New Coalition Overlords&trade and how practical libertarianism might work in our wonderfully modern world.

After that, my lovely wife and I are heading up to my spiritual home city of Edinburgh, there to partake in friends, good pubs (that's Cloisters, for those not on Facebook), and general revelry.

Hopefully I shall see you in one of these places...


Tenure said...

Brill! I'm a student there, so I look forward to it.

It's a shame you're not coming in December, when we have Polly Toynbee!

Ian E said...

Not, if you are looking anything like that photo, if I see you first!

Anonymous said...

Where can we find more details of your university appearances?

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