Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear The Arts: get to fuck

Carpsio rants about the cuts—or, more precisely, the morons who think that there are any cuts in general, and the bastards who whinge on about cuts to the arts in particular.

After delivering a metaphorical but delightfully determined hoof to the knackers of Ken "bloody" Loach, Carps moves on...
Ditto then for Priyamvada Gopal, who says that the Government’s cuts to the arts will be akin to:
“…administering the lethal dose that will eventually wipe out humanistic disciplines”

My hackles rise every time I hear some fucking no-mark academic or artist claiming that unless they get “support” then their important work will go unnoticed and they’ll starve to death in a garret and society will revert to the dark ages. Well, firstly, that’s your look-out – not mine. Secondly, it’s fantastically, astronomically patronising to the millions of people from all classes, genders, sexualities and races who take an active interest in history, art, science and philosophy just…. because.

As if without the work these people do we’ll just become a nation of people whose horizons stretch no further than ASDA and ITV. You know what? Fuck off. It’s the reflexive snobbery of enlightened people who, because they’re enlightened, assume that no-one else is. And when they’re on that road they turn into the kind of cunt who wants to show off their erudition by “educating” the feckless masses they secretly despise.

Get fucked.

A hundred years ago, this land pulsed with clubs and societies where members did, through their own subscription, learn about and contribute to science, history and the arts. Today the internet groans with erudite, passionate, informed people sharing their love of obscure subjects with anyone who happens by. All for free and done for nothing more than love.

Beautifully delivered. Almost—dare I say it?—a work of art.

One thing's for sure: it's a fuck sight more enjoyable than a Ken Loach film, at any rate.


Michael Fowke said...

Fuck Ken Loach! It hardly costs anything to create art on the internet.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

But there will be cuts... if you believe the productivity of labour belongs to the state.

neil craig said...

Coronation Street certainly has more real artistic integrity in every episode than is found in Tracy's bed.

It is these "professionally qualified" artistic dole scroungers who are responsible for the fact that what passes as art today comes from photocopiers & the bottom of hamster's cages.

AKM said...

Am I the only one who is starting to see an extra "N" in every repetition of the word "cuts" they see? I'm having to read every sentence twice now before I work out what's actually being said. :(

the a&e charge nurse said...

"One thing's for sure: it's a fuck sight more enjoyable than a Ken Loach film" - is there a scene that captures so perfectly the fault lines in a 60's comprehensive school?

microdave said...

Brilliant link DK - I will check out more of his wonderful writing.

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