Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bang goes the neighbourhood

Now, your humble Devil is not going to get all outraged about this particular piece of Green idiocy because, unlike hyper-sensitive, po-faced, Leftoid tosspots, I just don't get offended about stuff like this.

However, I must admit that I am struggling—really struggling—to see what the point of this film is supposed to be. You know, assuming that the point isn't "we are going to kill anyone who doesn't subscribe to the new orthodoxy".

And I really cannot understand why anyone would think that it was funny. In the mealy-mouthed apology on the 10:10 website, the idiot organisers assert that...
Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn't and we sincerely apologise to anybody we have offended.

I am not offended, but nor did I find it funny. Because it just isn't funny. At all. Because it lacks... well... jokes. Or even a joke.

Perhaps if the majority of the people in the video had reacted in some different way—with something other than horror*—then perhaps it might have been amusing.

But it just wasn't. And those who know me will testify to the fact that I have a pretty damn dark sense of humour.

I think that one of the things that made it very unfunny was the fact of human agency. Perhaps if the people had spontaneously exploded, there could have been some amusement value—it could even have been made into some kind of political point.

But there were people—those in a position of authority, in every case—who were actively detonating the naysayers. As someone who loathes the idea of authoritarian governments and structures, this is hardly going to appeal to me.

(And yes, businesses have structures, but I understand that when I sign up—I am certain that no contract that I have signed up to has ever intimated that, should I disagree with my boss on matters environmental (and I quite often do), he should have the right to sack me—let alone explode me.)

Over at EU Referendum, you can also view the "Making of..." video, where one of the kids involved says (slightly tongue-in-cheek. I hope)...
I think it is vital to explode children for a good cause...


In some ways, I can agree with 10:10's message. I don't think that we should waste energy, and reducing energy consumption in the West by 10% is possibly a laudable aim—if only to reduce my power bills.

But it is not a do-or-die situation, and I use just enough power as I need to. Because, you see, I do actually have to pay the bills.

And, given my attitude to catastrophic anthropogenic climate change (i.e. it ain't happening), I just don't give enough of a crap to try to do anything ab...


* It's true that the footballers seemed unconcerned. But then, we expect that of footballers. After all, they are generally too stupid to be self-aware and thus have no fear of death. Or spit-roasting.

** Maybe it is funny after all.


Dick Puddlecote said...

"And those who know me will testify to the fact that I have a pretty damn dark sense of humour"

As you showed us in the kitchen. :)

Anonymous said...

This is always the case with swivel eyed Zelots of all persuasions.
They get cocky ,they go too far then the mask slips.
To reveal a mental illness.
Then the backlash starts.

Anonymous said...

Talking of backlashes here is a list of sponsors of this egregious organization. We should drop them a line about murdering children who don't agree with you.

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot link :

Clarissa said...

Having subjected myself to it a couple of times now I notice that all those who are blown up for having the temerity to indicate that they do not wish to participate are Caucasian.


Antipholus Papps said...

Just sent the following to Sony:

Are you aware of your company's association with a climate change campaign called 10:10? They have recently caused something of an uproar with a video called 'No Pressure', written by the celebrated screenwriter and director Richard Curtis:

This disgusting piece of propaganda appears to spread the message that the summary execution of dissenters, including children, is something both justified and amusing. It is a truly sinister and shocking piece of film. Whatever one's views on climate change, spreading a message that promotes violence towards those with differing opinions is completely unacceptable in a free society. It is a message that is reminiscent of some of the 20th Century's ugliest regimes.

I had recently been considering purchasing a Playstation 3 and flat-screen TV but, given your company's funding of this pressure group (, and their frankly-terrifying message of hate, I shall not be buying any Sony products in the foreseeable future. I expect this decision will cut my CO2 omissions, so perhaps some good will come from your support for this film.


Antipholus Papps said...

I meant 'emissions' of course!

The Age of Idiocracy is upon us...

wonderfulforhisage said...

'We hav vays of making you laugh'

ht: 'The Laugh In'???? (circa 1970ish)

Tlaloc the Climate God said...

Judging by some of the comments the 10:10 team have made, the target of the joke was not sceptics, but the people who say they believe but don't do anything serious about it. They preach the message, but say 'no pressure' and let people get away with doing nothing.

Of course, if they wanted to convey that message, then it should have been the teachers and employers getting blown up, for saying 'no pressure' and letting the doubters off. 10:10 think there *should* be pressure. But I guess the idea of blowing up earnest but ineffectual greenies probably struck a nerve, and maybe wouldn't have gone down well with their target audience of earnest but ineffectual greenies, and there were these far more *tempting* targets just sitting there...; the screenwriters just got carried away. Blowing people up is funny. What difference does it make if it's ineffectual greenies or sceptical delayers? They're *both* responsible for the end of the world.

That's all a guess, of course. It probably looks somewhat different from inside the millenarian mindset of somebody who actually believes the world is really, truly about to end, for real. Personally, I have difficulty twisting my brain that far.

Roger Thornhill said...

There, DK, even you are slipping into their trap, calling it ACC, not AGW. Remember, they screamed Anthropgenic Global Warming.

Gareth said...


It is called Climate Disruption these days.

Anthropomorphic Climate Disruption. One more word, beginning with a C... and we've got AC/DC.

Fascist Hippy said...

If anyone cares to write to the MD's/CEO's of the organisations/companies that sponsor this crap here are some of them,

The Carbon Trust
The Energy Saving Trust
The Guardian

Some of whom are tax payer funded. There is also a mention of Marks & Spencers being in on the Gig, I expect the BBC is also in there somewhere along the line misusing licence payers money.

9/11 7/7 and now 10/10 all terrorists!

Stephen said...

That is pretty hideous. What I hate is the message, if you don't do what we tell you, then we will kill you. And I write as someone who has no particular axe to grind over reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, or indeed, the message that cutting carbon emissions is a good thing. But this ad is so cack handed and unfunny that is showers discredit on all those who had a hand in its making.

Lola said...

I don't think that we should waste energy.... Neither do I. So I am going for a lie down. I need one after all that 10.10 crap.

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