Thursday, October 07, 2010


Your humble Devil is off to Dornoch—some tiny wee place about 40 miles north of Inverness—tomorrow, for his younger brother's wedding.

Given that mobile reception in this place is patchy, I would imagine that internet will be all but unknown—or certainly unobtainable for a Sassenach. And, besides, I shall mostly be staying lightly sozzled for the duration.

As such, I shall be mostly incommunicado—and most probably incoherent—for the next few days.

Have fun while I'm away...


Leg-iron said...

You'll probably fly over my house on the way.

When you get into the updraft of smoky whisky and tobacco fumes, you're about ninety miles from the airport.

Buckle up before the fumes get you.

Techno Mystic said...

Have a nice time humble Devil.

Chuckles said...

'mostly incommunicado—and most probably incoherent'

No change then?


Young Mr. Brown said...

Not the Cathedral, by any chance? Wonderful building.

If not, never mind. It's a lovely wee town.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a lovely wee town - many happy memories of long summer evenings spent there on family summer hols.

Hope you have a great time.

MalcolmCog said...

Just go a few miles north and you will be in my ancestral home, Caithness. A county as yet unsullied by the mock-gaelic madness that is sweeping the Northern counties, at great expense to the British taxpayer.
(proving road signs in gaelic in Aberdeenshire cost 1.2 million quid, to mostly English taxpayers)

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