Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smoke and mirrors

David Lidington MP, Minister for Europe, is pleased as punch to be deceiving you all...

Our New Coalition Overlords™ have enacted their promise to save us all from the nasty foreigners kow-tow to the European Union through a piece of meaningless legislation.
The Government will announce plans for a “referendum lock” on any future surrendering of British powers to the European Union.

The change has been hailed as one of the most significant attempts to protect the sovereignty of Britain over the EU for nearly 40 years.

Ministers will introduce the right to hold a referendum by amending the original 1972 European Communities Act under which Britain joined the Common Market.

The amendment, which could be law by next year, will allow for a vote if there is “any transfer of powers away from the UK and towards the centre”, according to a Whitehall source.

It would cover any future treaty—successors to the previous Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon treaties—or any large scale transfer of power outside those treaties.

"Oh, Devil!" I hear you cry. "How can you be so negative? This is a significant step in protecting the British people from the predations of the evil EU empire!"

Well, yes, it would be. Except that, as we all know by now, the Lisbon Treaty is self-amending, so there will be no other treaties. It is, if you like, the treaty to end all treaties.

As such, no referendum will ever happen because the "referendum lock" only kicks in if powers are transferred in "any future treaty". This legislation is just smoke and mirrors—the government are playing us for fools.

Go back to bed, Britain—your EU government is in control...


CIngram said...

And it doesn't include accession treaties, which is where they will hide anything really important. And if I understood it correctly, it is only a promise that Parliament will vote on whether to hold a referendum, which they could have done anyway, at any time. So the whole thing is empty words, a contemptuous attempt to fool the little people into thinking they matter in some way.

Anonymous said...

As you say, and I have said the same on other Blogs, it is all rubbish,....but it has fooled the cleggoron followers, see ConHome.


removalizer said...

One of the reasons I vote tory, I still trust them


We already have a "referendum lock"it is called magna carta,the 1689 bill of rights,and the accession oath,but apparently this is not enough for this lying treasonous scum,as all of thier subsequent legislation is absolutely illegal,they plan to make the pile even higher to hoodwink the electorate,is there any merit in decieving some-one who is completely stupid to begin with?no,but loads of money.

Anonymous said...

Well said removalizer. Glad to see there is still one of you left. There was once a time when blind loyalty was valued but now you do not even share your view with their own members. Shame on them

Nosemonkey said...

Psst... the Lisbon self-amending thing is nonsense, based on a misunderstanding of Article 48.

This is designed for very minor amendments (primarily small changes of phrasing to prevent misunderstandings in application, should these arise), and has numerous checks and balances in place. Read it for yourself here:

It’s also very difficult to change the treaty. It would require:

1) consultation with the Commission and European Parliament (and in some cases the European Central Bank

2) a majority vote in the European Council

3) the formation of a Convention to examine the proposed changes

4) a conference of representatives of the governments of the member states to examine these the Convention’s findings

5) a “consenus” to be reached (implying unanimity under existing EU working methods)

6) ratification by all member states according to the requirements of their own national constitutions

7) if, after 2 years, not all member states have ratified the amendments, they are to be re-assessed

In addition, Article 48.6 explicitly states that this “shall not increase the competences conferred on the Union in the Treaties”.

In other words, Lisbon has a self-amending clause, but not one that could confer more powers on the EU. For this, a new treaty would be required – and under ongoing EU rules, this would still require a unanimous agreement from the member states.

But let's not let facts get in the way of hyperbole, eh? xxx

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