Sunday, August 08, 2010

What a strange hero

Margaret Hodge: "I love the sound of children screaming in the morning."

In a depressingly self-serving article, Brown's pollster and shyster, Deborah Mattinson, wibbles on about immigration.

Most insultingly, however, she builds Margaret Hodge MP into some kind of people's champion.
Mrs Hodge was a local hero: here, at last, was a politician who was prepared to listen to voters and speak out on their behalf.

Obnoxio points out that she was, essentially, just someone who said what the public wanted to hear—which is, of course, being a politician through and through.

However, long-time readers of The Kitchen will know that your humble Devil has a loathing for Margaret Hodge for entirely another reason—one that is laid out in this Telegraph article at some length (and also in this Grauniad timeline).
All right-thinking people like to imagine, when hearing stories of the maltreatment of children, that they themselves would guarantee sanctuary. But often they simply don't. A senior social worker, Liz Davies, and her manager, David Cofie, first told Margaret Hodge, then leader of Islington council, in 1990 of their suspicions that there was widespread sexual abuse of children in Islington care homes.

Ms Hodge instead believed senior officials who assured her that nothing was the matter. In 1992, the London Evening Standard published extensive evidence of the abuse, which Ms Hodge denounced as "a sensationalist piece of gutter journalism". In 1995, an independent report found that the council had indeed failed to investigate the allegations properly.

As the author notes, in 2003 Tony Blair appointed Margaret Hodge to be the first ever Minister For Children which remains, in my opinion, possibly the cheekiest "fuck you" that Chuckles ever doled out to the British people.

That Margaret "la-la-la, I can't hear the screams of the children being raped" Hodge would accept such a post is adequate enough to tell you what a shameless little shit she is—even without her dog-whistle, BNP-aping whining in previous elections.

So, whilst Margaret Hodge was prepared to "prepared to listen to voters and speak out on their behalf", she was not, apparently, prepared to listen to staff members who told her that there was systematic child abuse going on in the care homes run by the Council that she headed up. And so she just let it continue.

There is no real point to this post, other than to remind people what this disgusting woman actually stands for: to keep foremost in people's minds that Margaret Hodge represents BNP-style immigration laws and systematic child abuse.


lilith said...

I don't think people can be reminded/informed too often. Apparently her electorate don't have a clue.

Roger Thornhill said...

Margaret Hodge is for Margaret Hodge. Period.

jonathan said...

I remember her nickname was "Enver" Hodge, after the left wing Albanian dictator.

Kristen said...

I hope she investigate the issue first before she listen to the senior officials. Things would work out smoothly as well specially when children is involve with this matter. Their safety is top priorities and yet she failed to help.

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