Monday, August 30, 2010

Steve Baker MP: Blog Mascot

Steve Baker MP: sound as a pound. Er... well... actually, even though he's an MP he's not that bankrupt.

Having noticed that Dick Puddlecote has adopted Philip Davies MP as his "blog mascot"—and lacking allegiance to any football team—your humble Devil has decided to adopt his own Member of Parliament Mascot. Obviously I toyed with supporting the ever-excellent and increasingly-disillusioned Douglas Carswell, but he's getting to be an old hand these days; I decided that it might be more fun to pick someone who has been newly elected to the House, who is also a libertarian, and who I know personally (at least vaguely).

So, the only man who fits the bill is Steve Baker MP.

I've met Steve on a few occasions—usually around the free market, libertarian think-tank arena—and he seems to be a nice chap. Further, he is a dedicated libertarian and is particularly concerned with the entirely relevant topic of monetary reform.

Not only is he part of the Executive of the Progressive Conservatives (which is full of sound people (and whose website I threw together at speed last year)) and on the Advisory Board of sound money think-tank The Cobden Centre, his maiden speech advocated total reform of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.
Today, money is a product of the state. The Bank of England controls the price, quantity and quality of money. Perhaps if we were talking about any other commodity, there would be far less confusion over and questioning of the cause of the crisis. If money is a product of the state, we should ask ourselves, "Is this a good idea?"

In the coalition, we have a Government ideally suited to be conservative to preserve what is good, but radical to change all that is bad. If we are to have a once-in-a-generation, fundamental review of the role of government, let us also examine government's role in the system of money and bank credit.

As regular readers will know, I am yet to be convinced on certain aspects of monetary reform but, working on the principle that the state is shit at everything that it does, it does seem slightly bonkers to allow it to have a grip on the life-blood of our trade. Apart from anything else, it not only makes it easier for the government to collect taxes and then to inflate away our savings, it also enables these bastards to reach into every aspect of our lives.

Anyway, monetary reform is obviously one of Steve Baker's bug-bears and it is, at least, better than spending your life stealing people's money in order to be able to dish it out to enable one-legged, black, lesbian salmon to buy bikes (being Harriet fucking Harman, in other words). Steve has a very interesting (and slightly scary) article on Centre Right, and is mentioned in despatches on the IEA Blog too.

In conclusion, Steve Baker will be this blog's MP mascot—whether he likes it or not—which means that I shall be following his progress with a keen and cynical eye. Although I don't expect to see Steve in Parliament wearing a Devil's Knife t-shirt any time soon...

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Dick Puddlecote said...

Good choice, DK. I've been hearing a lot about this guy since May, all of it good.

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