Sunday, August 08, 2010

A cause that we can all support

Look, every sensible person in Britain knows that the only bunch of people more despicable than the RSPB are the RSPCA. But, let's face it, the RSPB is loathsome enough to convert anyone's Sunday morning in an ecstasy of hate.

So, if you feel that your life's been a wee bit calm of late, why not read James Delingpole's analysis of this loathsome bunch of individuals?

And if that still isn't enough, why not reflect (as you drink your cheap gin) on the fact that these hideous little bastards received over £23.5 million of your money last year.

Over £23.5 million, I hear you cry! Can that be true?

Yes, it is true. The RSPB proudly, and handily, lays out in its accounts [PDF] that it received £11,778,000 from central government, £2,823,000 from the European Union and £6,884,000 from local councils.

And all of it, of course, is money extorted from you under the threat of violence.

Yep, that's right: whilst humans all over the world are dying of starvation and entirely preventable diseases, your government spent over £23.5 million of your money on propping up a bunch of bird-fuckers who are not even any good at looking after birds.

Doesn't that make your blood boil...?


JuliaM said...

Yes, yes it does...

Ian E said...

I don't know who is spreading the scurrilous rumour that the RSPB aims to prtect birds - its main goal is to spread the AGW story. Given this, it seems strange that such a small amount of funding comes from the EUrinal. Perhaps some of the bEUreaucrats have not yet been told about the driving force behind RSPB?

selsey.steve said...

Every time I pull the trigger on my .22 or my shotgun I smile when I think how the RSPB might react.
Total kills this year? 38 magpies and well over a hundred pigeons.
Autumn promises to be another great PEST SHOOTING season.

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